My Youtube Favorites

Hello you guys!

It’s been gloomy this week but to my surprise, I kinda like it. Shhh… Dont be telling A though coz he hates cold weather with every ounce he has in his body. :p

So anyways, I have been going to the gym Monday – Wednesday this week coz my last day was on Wednesday. Boo.

To take my sadness away, let’s talk about my Youtube favorites! Teehee.

Aside from Netflix, A, and the cats, Youtube is my life! ❤

I find that most of my favorite Youtubers are from the UK and I think Youtube is huge there compared to other parts of the world. I mean most of the Youtubers from the UK that I subscribed to have their own products. Like Zoey, Alfie, Fleur, the Saccone Jolys etc.

So to share the joy with you, here are my list of favorite Youtubers!

1- The Saccone Jolys! 

The Saccone Jolys upload their vlogs EVERY SINGLE DAY(!!!!) at 6pm (UK time) and aaahhhh I look forward to it every single day. The kiddos, Emilia and Eduardo are sooooo cute! The mom, Anna is gorgeous and the dad, Jonathan is silly and sweet!

Anna and Jonathan both have their own channels of their own aside from their main channel. I love Anna’s personal channel as much as I love the SJ’s. That woman is a superwoman! Weeee!

And oh, The Saccone Jolys’ calendars are ready for you to order now and I want one so bad! However, I do not have the address to our new place now so I guess I’ll have to order once we have our new place. I hope there’d still be some for me!

Here are parents’ personal channels, FYI:

Anna- Anna Saccone Joly

Jonathan- Jonathan Saccone Joly

2- Zoella / More Zoella

Zoe is actually the reason why I have been watching the Saccone Jolys! They are obviously friends and Zoe is just sooo cute as well! She’s really big in the UK, guys! I think she has like 9 million followers in one of the channels listed above. Crazy right?!

Wanna hear something crazier? She has her own wax figure in Madam Tussauds Wax Museum in London! Say whaaaattttt??!!

3- The Pointless Blog Vlogs

I found Alfie (The Pointless Blog Vlogs) from Zoella (AGAIN!). Lol. They are all related I’m telling you! Alfie is dating Zoella and I was surprised when I learned that he’s actually younger than Zoe. Probably because Zoe is so small and has a baby face!

Anyways, Alfie has his own wax figure in Madam Tussauds Wax Museum in London too, next to Zoella! Sweet!

4- Gigi Gorgeous

I think I’ve mentioned enough of UK Youtubers and time to move on to my other favorite Youtuber from around the world.

I am not too sure about Gigi’s origin though. I’m sorry. I’m not sure if she was a Canadian or an American. :/

I love her coz she has the best energy and also funny! She’s a transgender woman (I hope I dont offend anybody here, sorry!) and it’s amazing to see her transformation. She has the best body (I want her abs please and her legs!!!) and my most favorite things she does on her channel are Favorites and Story Time videos!

So anyways guys, I will leave you right here coz man, I am hungry. LOL. Fit people problem I’m telling you! Anyways, have a great weekend guys and if you have the chance to browse around the Youtubers’ channels mentioned above, hollar me and tell me what you think. 🙂

Much love.