We Are Here!

Hi guys,

How’s everyone doing today? Hope your Monday is going well. First thing first, guess where we are?!

In our new home! *throws confetti*


No more take outs! No more fighting over the bathroom!

We moved in last Thursday morning. The fur babies were so confused, especially Mr. Kitty. He probably thought the hotel we were staying at was our forever home. LOL. Sorry honey. He growled almost all the way from the hotel to our home but quickly settled down once we brought him into the house. He’d prolly think “Oh s*it, not another 12 hour car ride!”

The movers came in about 930 am this morning. They got everything done about 130 pm, I think.

So yeah, just letting you know that we are now settled in Bakersfield, California. 🙂

I will continue with our moving story series on the next post yea? But before I leave, here are some pictures of our temporary home in Bakersfield.

Our bed.

Our bed.

Living room

Living room

Clinton Ali :)

Clinton Ali 🙂

Checking his litter box

Checking his litter box

Two door bathroom :)

Two door bathroom 🙂

If you are traveling with pets, I highly recommend La Quinta Inn and Suites and get s suite room coz it’s usually on the ground floor. We were lucky in Clinton, OK and Bakersfield, CA that we were put close to the exit door. Traveling with cats is actually painful compared to dogs because cats will need a scratching post (preferably from home for the familiarity), litter box, litter, food, water etc. But these fur babies have ‘rescued’ me, it is my duty to make sure they are happy and well taken care of.

Anyways, gotta go now. Have an awesome day, okays?

Much love.