New Year’s Eve 2013

Hello there! 

Haaah! I know this is backlogged but I still want to talk about it! 😀

So on Dec 30th, Adam and I drove to STL for the NYE party with some of his friends there. Honestly I wasn’t looking forward to this because:

1. I may be too old to party on a NYE! (I celebrated my birthday on the same month. Prolly because of that. :/)

2. It was freezing cold!!! I know it was not as cold as Chicago but still….. I need to be in a dress and panty hose. No likey.

3. I wouldn’t know half of the people that were going with us. Yes, I am a shy person. 😉

But I went anyways because:

1. Adam promised to take me to the World’s Market where I could buy my Malaysian groceries. And we could find some rambutan/durian there. Verdict: No luck on the fruits but we stocked on some other food like Mammee noodles, coconut milk, sekaya FTW!!! 

2. We are going to have brunch on NYE with two of Adam’s ex colleagues when he was working for the previous company. These two guys were always with us and I really love them! Can’t pass the opportunity. It was the first time we met in USA. How cool was that? LOL. All this while we only met at the other side of the world, where it’s always warm and the food cheap. 

3. We are also going to meet another ex colleague and his wife on New Year’s day! FTW! I have only met his wife twice/thrice but we kept in touch after she left Malaysia for a short visit to see her husband. 

We had a splendid time in STL and it couldn’t be any better. The group we went with was crazy fun! I just wanna smack myself in the head for not wanting to go just cause I didn’t know these people. 

Turned out, crazy bunches of people and we keep in touch on facebook after that! LOL. 

Yes. Scored on new friends! And oh, I scored a new Bebe dress too. Thanks baby! ;))

So Izza, next time people invite you to go somewhere, just accept the invitation. You wouldn’t know/experience anything until you say yes! 

Now onto pictures!!



After 8967648th take, this is the best picture of the arch that I took. :/




Dinner at the Elephant with my sweetheart! We were both starving coz we went straight to groceries shopping after that 5 long hours of driving. 🙂 Thanks baby for putting up with your psycho wife. ;)))





This room is sweet! I didn’t expect to have kitchenette so it was a good surprise for me. Loved it coz it’s not like the standard room 🙂 




Ready for our brunch with the gentlemen! The dress is from Forever 21. One of my fav! 





Adam, Jason, yours truly and Joe! Love you guys!!




Hubs and I. That’s the dress from Bebe I begged Adam to buy for me. Teehee




Just a random picture with John. 🙂




Adam & I again! :))




Group picture on New Years day!! 




Last but not least a picture with my Tammi! She’s looking so good! Gotta love her changes! You go girl! 


So okay, I better get going now. I only slept for 5-6 hours last night. I have tons of things to do today.

See y’all next time. Stay safe, stay warm! 


Lots and lots of love,