Lil Munchkin


My lil munchkin is getting older. He’ll be ONE this Sunday (according to his adoption papers).


Thought I would share this picture of his cute little face.

Funny, when we first saw him at the shelter, we thought he was mute. Why, he was ‘meowing’ but there was no sound!

Since we thought he was ‘disable’, we thought we’d save him the trouble and just adopt him.

Little did we know he was the most vocal kitten we’d ever have! LOL.

He’s still our little rascal but we love him to death. I dont think our life would be this colourful without him. Yep, I’m talking on behalf of le kitty too.

(You’re welcome, kitty!)

Someone dear to my heart

I hope you are staying strong and I want to tell you how proud I am of you.

I know that you feel your life sucks with your job (and you gotta stay for few more months just for that cert!!) , the place you’re at and the people surround you.

When you told me that you felt alive spending the weekend with me and MB, I felt so sad.

I know how that feels. 😦

And I suck at communications especially when it comes to my feelings.

(Now I dont feel like typing coz I’ll have to talk about my feelings).


Still Alive.

Salam and hello guys,

Sorry it has been wayyyy too long. I have been slammed with lots of things to do the past several months.

I should probably buy a new wireless keyboard so it would be easier for me to post things on here. Right now I am using le hubs laptop and to my surprise it didn’t give me any problem this morning. Yippie!

So updates:

1- I spent roughly a month in South East Asia! Yes, I went home to see my friends and families! You’d think a month is a long time, it’s actually not. :/ I had a list of food that I’d thought I would tackle and indulge, but I don’t think I even went through half of the list. 😦 I promise I will try harder next time! (Kinda hard tho coz all food in Malaysia is yummyyy!)

I will try to share some of the pictures on here soon ya. Le hubs came to Malaysia two weeks after I arrived so he wont be in most pictures. Ahaks! Sorry my love. :*

2- While I was gone, Clinton had respiratory infection and luckily le hubs got him to the vet in time before the infection spreads. Thanks love. I would not do what to do if he was left with the infection. I’d be devastated coming home to a sick baby. Oh Clinton is a 10 pounder now! Wow. He’s not even a year old yet! I’m telling you, he’s grown big! You should see the look on my face when I saw him for the first time after a month being away from him. O.O Haha!

3- A good friend of mine took care of the babies while we were gone, so thank you so much D. We really appreciate it. :,)

4- Since I have been spending good 28 days in the sun and warm climate, coming home to Fort Wayne sucks big time. It was still cold when we came back and I hated it so much. I didn’t get to go out for about a week and fell into depression. Ugh.

So anyways, I’m gonna have to stop here coz it is lunch time, baby!

I hope you guys have a great start to this week but even if you had a bad start, the week will get better, I promise you. Smile and the world is yours!

Much love,