Thankful Lists 1

Hey guys,

I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet – people usually post them up in November – but I will post mine today and perhaps few more in my next entries.

I was just talking about how fast time flies in my last post. So I think it would be awesome to just spend a little time to count all my blessings and this shall be reminders to be when things get rough. I can write more wonderful things about my husband but let’s start with this one, mmkay?

So here’s what on my list today.

1 – I am thankful for my husband. He has been my rock. Always so patient with me and my antics and he has never failed to remind me of how grateful he is to have me in my life. 🙂

2 – I am thankful for all the chances we took when we adopt our cats. Heck, I adopted Le Kitty coz he is sooo fuzzy and cute! We didnt know his temperament etc. LOL. He was actually my first cat! He turned out to be perfect. He never scratched me or do things that makes me scared of him. 🙂 Clinton on the other hand, I thought he was mute and little did we know, he is very vocal! But he is awesome too and I just couldnt imagine my life without these furry babies of ours. 🙂

3 – I am thankful for my parents’ health. Being 10,000 miles away from home (thats about 30 hours of traveling and 4 plane rides!), I get scared sometimes if something bad happens to them and I wouldnt be there on time. But Alhamdulillah, they are in excellent health. They have no sickness and I’m so happy they take the steps to take good care of themselves.

I’ll stop here and hope to see you guys soon! Y’all can make your own Thankful List and leave a comment in the comment box below so I can read yours too.

Good night lovelies.