Graduation Trip

Salam and hello everyone,

Adam and I were in Chicago late April for his training. We didn’t stay right on Michigan Avenue like last year but it is still within walking distance. 🙂

The hotel was alright, except we had few hiccups. What’s new right? Instead of putting us up to a room with king size bed, we were sent to a room that had 2 full beds. Mengamuk lah cik abang! Haha! Then they had the nerve to change our room 3 freaking times coz someone messed up with the rooms. Adam was at his training so I was the only one left to carry ALL our stuff to our ‘new’ room. The third time they called me to change the room, two receptionists came up to help me with our luggage.

Oh, I forgot to mention it was also my first day of my period. FML. I actually pointed my finger to the receptionists and said ‘Don’t mess up with a woman on her period.’ Kinda rude of me, I admit. But 3 times within 10 minutes. How would you feel? I was in 3 different rooms within 10 mins. With all my luggage. Aiyo. They sent us a basket of fruits, a bottle of wine and an apology card that night. I would prefer free coupons though. That would be nice!

So anyways, I didn’t shop much this time coz seriously, after a year being in the States made me smarter. I didn’t fall for SALE anymore. Let it be bold red. I didn’t fall for it. I had a good time shopping at Forever 21 (They were having sale on clearance items: Buy 1 get 1 free so it was awesome.) I had 6 pieces of clothes and a necklace for less than 25 dollars, tax included!! Taxes in Chicago is high (like 9.5% if I’m not mistaken) so to get those items for less than 25 dollars is a big win! 😀

Then I went to Aldo and got hubs his shoes for work and 2 handbags for me, Top Shop for a dress and of course, Sephora for my blush! I told ya, I was behaving well! 🙂 Oh, I forgot 2 pairs of jeans from Zara but those are necessities! I have been looking for the perfect jeans and finally found them at Zara! Score!!

After Chicago trip, we drove to St. Louis and stayed the night. We went to our friend’s house coz apparently it was their daughter’s birthday that day! Langkah kanan weols! Alhamdulillah, rezeki. I got to see the twins too and Masya Allah, they have grown so big and so cute too! I had the pleasure to play with one while the other one sleeps. Yes, I played with the naughty one that didn’t want to sleep. Haha!

We left St. Louis early morning next day for Adam’s youngest kid graduation. I have never seen so many Honey Boo Boos in my life! Haha! And to put it nicely, I was overdressed! I was wearing my black Zara dress I bought in LA and they were wearing t-shirts and jeans. Some even wore sweat pants. Hokay, I did some mental notes to not wear nice clothes whenever there’s a function in his kampong. Haha!

You laughing at me now?



HHRD – Helping Hand USA

Salam all,

Very sorry for the long hiatus. I have been busy with life, I haven’t got the chance to write. As a Muslim, I have been observing Ramadhan and it’s going good so far, Alhamdulillah.

On the other note, the world is crying for MH17 tragedy and the mass murder of our brothers and sisters in Gaza. May Allah ease the pain of the hurt and grant Jannah to the ones that have left us. Insya Allah, Ameen.

If you are in the States and would like to donate to the Palestinians, please type HHRD and send it to 27722. You can find HHRD’s facebook too. Just search for Helping Hand USA or go directly to their website to donate. No amount of money is too little to be given as a donation. May Allah bless us always.

Insya Allah.