Adele 25

OMG! Have you guys listened to the album yet? It’s fantastic! Several of my favorites are Hello, Million Years Ago, Remedy and All I Ask! But all her  other songs on that album are great!

You see, I dont usually the type of person that buys songs or albums (especially albums) but I took the risk to buy Adele’s 25 and prayed hard I’d like the album. Haha! Thank God I love it!!

Some people would be asking themselves “Why so serious? It’s a freaking album. It doesnt cost more than 15 bucks bla bla bla.”

That’s just me.

I am very calculative when it comes to me spending for myself. I dont have problems spending money on other people tho.


I’m serious.

Coz I know when I spend money on other people, no matter how small i.e: lunch), they’d be happy! I love making people happy! However, before spending money on something for me, I ALWAYS have to question myself, “Will I be happy with this thing?” “What if it’s not good?”.


I’ve always been so hard on myself, trust me.

So anyways, if you havent got the album yourself, go get it and lets be in mellow mood and think about all our life decisions.

And oh, if you are terrible like me too, listen to her previous album and let Adele herself decide for you. 😀 That’s what I did. I listened to her 21 album and I was so surprised I was enjoying myself again listening to her last album. On repeat 3 times ok. :/

Trust me, after too much of rock songs, Adele’s songs are extremely relaxing.

Much love.

We’re Moving!

Hey guys!

If you haven’t got the hint from my previous post, we are moving to California! Hubs got the job. Yay! Congratulations, honey! I’m so proud of you. :*

To be brutally honest, I am a bit nervous about moving to California.

Obviously cost of living would be much higher there.

And we wont be experiencing 4 seasons anymore. Boo!

I am originally from Malaysia so I didn’t get to experience four seasons until I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I am not a big fan of snow and brutally cold weather like here in FW but heck, it would be nice to have some snow, you know. I guess I better pray hard that whenever we go back to visit A’s parents in Missouri, snow would be falling for me!

So anyways, I have packed most of my precious stuff (ie food from Malaysia!!) and I’m still not sure when the moving company would be scheduled to be here to pack our stuff. A said I shouldn’t worry about any of the things but the Asian in me loves to take control of things. Aiya!

The cats? They are coming with us! Duh! It’s been a chaotic process trying to get the cats ready for the big move. They don’t get on car rides aside from going to the vet for their yearly check up. Which is like once a year. And the journey is like 15 mins max each way.

I have taken the cats out for drives everyday for the past two weeks. It was kind of a hassle at first especially the first week coz I took the cats out separately just to see how each cat reacts to the drive. Clinton clearly aces the ride while Kitty howls most of the time. :/

We will be taking some pills from their vet to sedate them, just in case they are needed. I’m not gambling on a 37 hour (AT LEAST) car journey.

I will keep you posted on our moving journey. Wish us luck!

Much love.