Happy New Year!!

Hi hi hi!!!!

OMG, I totally forgot about the existence of this blog! 

Okay, I lied. Of course I still remember about this little thing right here, I’ve just been busy! I hope it’s not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year! (I noticed it’s almost February now. Work with me!!) So, for this comeback post, I’ll just do recaps on what I’ve been doing since my last post. Hope that’s fair! 


September 2013:

– We brought home a fluffy cat! As you know, I was pretty depressed in September and we happened to drop by Petsmart just to look at cats/dogs to cheer me up. That’s when I saw a black and white, big, fluffy cat! He was just lazing around in his cage, taking a nap and right then and there I demanded to hold him and if he’s available, I’d like to take him home! 

One PetSmart worker told us that he was available and we should start applying for his adoption and I was so glad we did! He turned out to be the best cat I’ve ever seen/had. His name was Wiska Leafa and since I thought that name was a bit to FUFU/cool for our household, I kept changing his name. LOL. One time it was Kitty Kitty Bam Bam, the next was Milky and tons other names I couldn’t remember now. That’s how my pets will be for having a multiple personalities owner! 



Kitty cat and I out for a walk on a beautiful summer day! He did so well I couldn’t be more proud of him! 🙂




He’s not ready to be back! He enjoyed his walk. It took us like 4 times to get the right leash for him. Sheesh. My estimation sucks. And oh, as of this month, the collar doesn’t fit him anymore. Guess who’s grown so big??




One of the first pics of him when he first arrived our home! Why the long face, kitty cat?!!

– I enrolled in Pilates class! => Well, Sara had to come with me to the first class coz I was extremely shy when meeting new people. What? Don’t believe me? Please do!! 

I thought I did fine in the class coz I happened to be able to be doing all the moves. No sweat at all, some more ok! But my, my my. I was so wrong! My body ached all over! Like all over and I’ve never experienced body sore like that. :/ 

I stayed away from Pilates and continued with my run. After 3 weeks of just pure running, I got bored so I went to the same class and no more sore!!! My teacher said I must have ‘woken up’ the deep muscles in my body. So I have been doing Pilates religiously 3 times a week until winter came along. 😦 

I miss going to Pilates coz it helps with my back pain and spine. I’ll start going in Spring!! :))

October 2013. 

– I don’t remember much things happening this month. It was Adam’s birthday on 21st. Not much of a celebration. I bought 2 slices of cakes for us and gave him *coughs*. => 

– Oh I decided it’s time to step up my cardio by joining Zumba! Made my first friend in this class. Shanell, what’s up!!!! Zumba teacher was extremely good (I blacked out for a moment in his first class and I have been running a lot! That’s how great his class was that day!!) and goofy! I stuck to his class and made more friends! Yay ! No more lonely days! 😀 

– Ah now I remember why I couldn’t remember much of what’s happening in Oct! We were traveling to Chicago for 2 weeks this month! The first week we stayed near O’Hare airport and had splendid food! Adam was busy with his conference and I was just cooped up in my room coz there wasn’t much to do here. 

The second week we were staying in Downtown Chicago!!!!! My most favorite place so far! Although it was freezing but I had an excellent time!!! I was busy most of the time, just walking around Chicago downtown all by myself but there’s just too many great things to see here! My first purchase of Guerlain (never again I buy such an expensive mascara although it’s brilliant!!) and SK II!! I’ve been looking around for SK II high and low in Indiana but they don’t carry it. Most SAs don’t even know this wonderful brand! Sigh. Alas, found my heaven! :)))



November 2013.


My first Thanksgiving in USA! We drove up to Poplar Bluff, MO and stayed with Moriah and hubs! My first experience at the country side. It was calm and relaxing. I truly enjoyed my stay there and it was also the first time I met Adam’s second daughter and hubs, his son and my in laws! It was so fun!! 



Ready for the long drive! 




Us and Gma Scott!! ❤




Us and the kids and Peeta! Minus Dawson and Andy!


We actually drove to St. Louis on BF and stayed for two nights to get some shopping done and meeting friends. My Sephora membership turned VIB here! We did a lot of shopping, from clothes to beauty products to FitBit! Yay! Hubs bought me a FitBit Flex and I was so happy! I’ve been eyeing for it for quite some time. 🙂 

Hubs took me to this sushi place as well and oh my, the sushi are to die for!! Went for a night out with John, Seka and Sam the last night we were in town. Fun times, yay!! 

We also met up with Heather and Eddie on our way back to Fort Wayne. Eddie passed my birthday presents from my friend and her BF in Malaysia and Heather gave me a box of chocolates! They are oh so good! Thank you, beautiful people!!



Breakfast in STL! FTW!






On our way back after breakfast! 





Us with Heather & Eddie. Excuse my face 😦





With one of John & Seka’s twins! They are too cute!!


December was full with surprises! Becauseeeee:

– My birthday!! 

I turned 26! Teehee! Hubs brought home 2 dozens of red roses, a card, a slice of cake and took me out for dinner at Casa Grille. Loved it coz they also gave us a cake!! We only ate a slice and brought home the rest of the cake to be thrown away 2 days after that. 😦 I’m sorry, cake.



Smelling me roses!!




Birthday dinner at this Italian restaurant!




My birthday outfit! Yay!



Still silly. What 26? :))

– Christmas!

We drove back to Adam’s home town again for Christmas and this time we were staying at my in laws! We had so much fun here, just bonding with each other and enjoy each other’s company. 🙂 I received lots of amazing gifts from my family and all of them are very useful! I love Christmas presents that I can use most of the time! The kids and my in laws are the best! 🙂 Image


Me on Christmas morning. Sneaking out for some workout. 🙂




This one is from my FIL. Love this coz it keeps me warm in winter time! 🙂



The girls and I at Christmas Eve lunch at Gma Scott’s. 🙂






My BIL and I 🙂






Gma Scott and us! Love you , Gma!! This was taken before we left for Fort Wayne. I was sad for leaving that day :,(