LUSH Mask of Magnaminty Reviews

Hey guys!

Welcome to another Lush review from me. This time it is the Lush Mask of Magnaminty Body and Face Mask – Self Preserving.

I believe they are two kinds of Mask of Magnaminty but I am going to review on the self preserving one today coz that’s the one I bought.

I have been a loyal customer of Lush for their face mask. When I first started I just bought the Fresh Face Mask and after months of buying them, I realized that I didnt actually have enough time (or maybe face space?) to finish them all before they expire. I am not fussy but when the masks are expired, they tend to be so dry and I dont like that at all. The fresh masks can be kept about a month I think. Even with me putting the mask on my face twice a week, I was not able to finish them and they had to be thrown out. :/ Expect I keep the container to return back to Lush. Hehe

I went ahead to the store one day and asked if they have a longer life shelving mask products and the lady said “Of course!” and introduced me to the Mask of Magnaminty. We spoke about my skin condition, which is sensitive, dry and dull and she said I was okay to use it. Unlike the Fresh Mask lines, I do not have to put this mask in the fridge. But I guess it wont hurt to put it in there for extra cooling sensation. 🙂

My verdict – It’s the bomb! I love this mask as it never hurt my skin (although you’ll feel a bit of tingling but it goes away so quickly) and leaves my skin bright and clear.

The smell is a bit tricky- it’s either you love it or you dont.

It’s a bit messy to work with but it’s fine. I like putting this on my face in the morning before I shower so I can just clean my face while I’m in the shower and not mess with my sink.

It also scrubs your face when you are cleaning it so I would not do any scrubbing before or after this face mask.

Price wise, I think it’s okay for a Lush product. Especially when you can use it on your body as well and can keep it for 5 months. I bought a small pot coz it’s just me using it. Hubs doesnt like to put things on his face, stay quiet and not be able to make silly remarks to me. Surprise surprise! :O

Mask of Magnaminty - Self Preserving

Mask of Magnaminty – Self Preserving

When I have my mask on

When I have my mask on

I just have a thin layer of the mask on my face and you can see tiny bit of the aduki beans that will help with scrubbing. I usually leave it on for 15- 20 mins once or twice a week. And yes, I would definitely purchase this product again. 🙂

I hope you would find my review helpful. You can of course, head to :—Self-Preserving/9999905177,en_US,pd.html

for more information on the product.

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