My First Time in Florida… PART I

And it was awesome! 

The journey started with a bad start though coz it was my first day of period. UGH.

And of course I lost my Teavana tumbler. I am pretty sure it didn’t make out of LAX. A said I probably left it in the rental car. Aiyo! 

Little did we know we weren’t getting any sleep in the plane LOL

We took a red eye flight, hoping we’d get some sleep on the plane and head to St Augustine straight after. My, my… We were seated next to a cranky baby and all he did in the flight was screaming bloody murder! I felt pity for the mom and of course to A coz he was seated next to them. 

I love how convenient Orlando airport is for nursing moms šŸ™‚

And not to forget service animals as well. šŸ™‚

Finally made it!

Since we didn’t get sleep at all, (maybe an hour max) we decided to just relax and take a nap instead of trying to drive 2-3 hours to St Augustine and back. First, it would be very stressful (coz we’ve never been there) and not to mention, dangerous if A tries to drive when he didn’t get enough sleep but the most important thing is, I would be cranky! The combination of period cramp and lack of sleep is freaking lethal! 

Thank goodness the hotel still has some empty rooms so we were checked in immediately! We left our bags in the room and headed down to get some breakfast. Florida is 3 hours ahead of California time btw. 

Look how gorgeous is this restaurant! ā¤

Can you tell we were tired?

We were staying at the Gaylord Hotel and Resort and let me tell you, the property is HUGE! I get tired from walking around it HAHA! They have snakes, kois and alligators on site too! Feeding time for the alligators are Tuesdays and Fridays (or Saturdays? I’m not too sure about the second day) but it was boring. They were just baby alligators and if you’ve been to Asia and seen and fed crocodiles Asian style, the feeding session won’t thrill you. Well, not really. A bunch of people were saying it was nothing too. But at least there’s something to see, right? šŸ™‚ 

Anyways, while we were in Florida, I get to see a couple of my Internet friends and I was so happy! I get to meet Kak Nadya and made a new friend (Kak Adec!) in Orlando and finally meeting Hani in St Petersburg! 

Kak Nadya and Kak Adec picked me up from the hotel and took me out to this Malaysian restaurant called Mamak and it was just fabulous. We had the best sambal belacan ever, I wish I could take some back to the hotel HAH! Here are some pictures from our lunch session. 

Roti canai as appetizer

The ladies šŸ™‚

A was so nice to me on this trip and bought me a little gift from my favorite store, Louis Vuitton. Thank you, baby! I was actually wanting to buy a zipper coin purse but the SA was telling me that the model has been discontinued. Boo. So I settled with something else. Scroll down bello to see what I picked up!

A little selfie while waiting for A to window shopping.

Me and my dream bag behind me LOL

Here it is! šŸ˜€

A and I managed to squeeze some fun time at the pool on our last day in Orlando. So after spending 4 days in Orlando, off we went to Tampa and I will write about that in my next post. 

Thank you for reading. šŸ™‚ 

Much love.

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