Shinedown Concert

It was as expected, they’d throw a freaking amazing show and they sure did!

My first time seeing them in concert was about a year or two ago in St Louis when they were playing at the Rock Fest. Ever since then, I have been a solid fan of theirs.

The concert was on a Wednesday and since it is usually our date night, we didn’t have any problem trying to schedule things. A took off early from work and we decided to head down early to have some dinner and drinks (also to celebrate A’s work performance YAY). A was so nice to have us a reservation and to my surprise, I loved the food!

I am very picky when it comes to a lot of things and food is on the very top of the list. LOL.

Here are a couple pictures from the night.


Us at The Mark. 

Reviews on The Mark-

The restaurant was suggested by A’s boss so A made a reservation for us. As we were walking into The Mark, I noticed a Japanese restaurant very close to it and so tempted to just cancel the reservation and head to the Japanese restaurant instead. But I’m glad A insisted we give The Mark a try.

We asked to be seated out on the patio and it took them less than 10 minutes to get set up (probably less than 5 minustes too. It was quick!). I ordered spaghetti carbonara without the bacon while A ordered NY strip steak. 

Both came out perfect and until this day, I am still craving for those! We gotta go back soon!

So okay, after dinner, A and I took a stroll around the block to 1- digest our food and 2- let the queue to the venue slowed down a little bit. I am so glad we did just that because we didn’t have to wait too long to be seated. Yay! 

So so glad we went! Shinedown started playing at about 800 pm and they were still playing when we left at 11pm (somebody had a meeting at 6 am the next day LOL). They played most of their famous songs that I LOVE, duh! 

Oh, Brent Smith (the lead singer) even went down to the floor, ran around and my my, he’s short! HAHA! I told A about it and he was like “Really? That’s what you said? Not ‘I just saw Brent Smith!'” LOL.

So anyways, if you don’t know who they are, go to Youtube or Spotify and have a listen to my personal favorite songs of mine. 

1- Simple Man (a cover)

2- 45 

3- Second Chance

4- If You Only Knew

5- Call Me 

6- Diamond Eyes

7- Bully

8- I’ll Follow You 

OMG! I could list a lot more but I will give you eight! Eight is a good number HAHA! 

Thanks for reading guys and let me know if you like them or not okay! 

Much love. 


This is going to be my weekly journal of quitting cigarettes. 

The weekend before –

A and I went and get gas and as usual, i got my money ready to buy my ciggies by the carton. I went inside and i dont know what got into me but i asked how much it is going to cost. Now, i have been doing this every month and i KNOW how much i have been paying for the carton. The cashier scanned the carton and to my surprise, the price has jumped by over 20$!! 

I didn’t have enough money then so instead of getting the carton, i got me 2 packs. I was so upset yet at the same time i made a mental note “it’s time to quit.”

A needed to get his haircut that same day and since his hair salon is next to Target, I went ahead and got me a box of nicotine patch.

First Day-

I was supposed to quit on Monday but I felt like I wasn’t ready. My quit date is April 13th, Thursday. 

It isn’t too bad for me because I have bought the nicotine patch. The nicotine patch didn’t stick too well, however so I had to improvise and bought a medical tape to tape it over the patch. I moved the patch about 3 times and finally decided to stick it on my flat chest LOL.

It is so hard to sleep tonight. I felt so hot. 😦

Second Day-

I’ve got a headache. Other than that I’m okay. I still got the cravings (more like something to do with my hand to be honest). I take a lot of deep breaths today. That helped. Tonight’s sleep was okay. I did get a bit of zzzs. Unlike last night.

Third Day-

No headache, still have cravings but not that bad. I have been doing a research today online on stories of people quitting cigarettes, particularly famous people and I came across this book – Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. 

To be honest, whenever I get cravings, I read the book. Otherwise, I am ok. I dont know if this is a good idea or not. LOL. But so far it’s working. πŸ™‚ I am feeling tired today so I took a nap. That helped. I read online that you will get sluggish the first few days of quitting ciggies. 

I did legs today too after my nap (I try to do legs twice a week because it’s the body part that I dislike of myself) and I felt so much better doing it. I didnt get kaput too easily (usually around 8 reps LOL) so that could be a motivation. Step up my squat game. Yeah! 

Forth Day-

It’s Sunday and I got my period. Not feeling the best but since my period pain always trumps other pain in my life, I didn’t get the cravings or had got no time to think of ciggies. Plus A is leaving today for work. Who is going to police me?  

Fifth Day-

I woke up with rash skin and bubbles on the skin I put on the patch yesterday. Boo. And it hurts so bad when I showered. 

I had the weirdest dream last night. Ever since I have put on this patch, I always get weird dreams. The patch box already mentioned having vivid dreams as one of the side effects. I hope the dreams stop though. Ugh. 

I went to the gym today and I thought I did very well. No shortness of breathe and definitely rocked my workout. Tempted to go to the gas station near my gym but I didn’t. A would be so proud of me. YAY!

I am on second pack of gum today. And I demolished 2/3rd of my chocolate bar. Oh my. I am so gaining weight from quitting ciggies but thankfully I am on a muscle building program so I can eat! Teehee. 


I will update day six and seven on next week’s post. I have one day left being by myself on this journey. Being alone by myself simply means physically. I have great support from my gym friends and of course my friends in Malaysia. ❀ 

I will also let you know on the nicotine patch that I use some time in the next post.

Thanks for reading. ❀

Mario Badescu Facial Spray Review

My heart is blooming! I have been getting a lot of positive comments on my skin (a fellow gym go-er thought I was 24 years old!!!! πŸ˜€ ) and the only thing I have changed was adding this facial spray into my beauty regime.

I have not tried many facial sprays but I have tried three (including this) from different categories. i.e: basic, affordable and expensive.

The very first one I’ve tried was the basic, Evian facial spray and to be honest it didn’t do much for me. Just freshen up my skin. So I scouted for another one. I went with Caudalie. Β That was a bit too ‘spicy’ for my face. Probably the mint feel and I hated it.

I almost gave up on facial sprays until I heard of this skin care brand, Mario Badescu from Zoella’s Youtube channel. She was actually talking about the drying lotion but the name stuck to me because it’s so unique.

And since I’ve paid so much for the Caudalie, I thought to myself, this isn’t a bad price at all! So I purchased it and have been loving it ever since. This facial spray is here to stay! *See what I did there? It even rhymes!*



Here it is!


And here are the ingredients! I have a very sensitive skin, however this never hurt me and I’m so happy about it. I use this twice or thrice a day. Once after morning shower, once before I head to the gym and once at night before bed. I pat/pressed it on my skin after I sprayed onto my face.

And here’s me today with very minimal make up. These two pictures were obviously taken under different lighting but I swear to you I didn’t edit any of these.

I am so excited to do my next review on another Mario Badescu’s skin care product which is the infamous Drying Lotion. I have tried it for the first time last night and I will give you an update and review after a week of using it so stay tuned for that. πŸ™‚

Much love.

What’s in My Gym Bag

I am a very simple person. I carry only essentials when I’m out most of the time and my gym bag is the same as well.

Here are the things that I carry in my gym bag:


I bought the bag from Target for 3$ and I love it! I have a proper gym bag from Nike but with only little things that I carry, it tends to sag and I find it very hard for me to look for my stuff.

So in the gym bag, I have 2 pairs lifting gloves, a pad lock (the combination is insane sometimes after a tiring workout, it took me awhile to have it opened. True story!), a pouch from Victoria’s Secret that holds my extra earphones, Bose earphone case (Bose is amazing!), an iPod, sunnies case from Ray Ban and glasses case from Versace (I wear contact lenses most of the time but sometimes my eyes get dry and uncomfortable), a pen, Polar heart rate tracker, an extra hair band and of course my trusted LV key cles.

I know I should have more stuff in here, like my contact lenses case, a lifting belt (I actually need to buy this!) and probably eye drops too. But for now, this is the situation. πŸ™‚

Have a great week, my lovelies!