beep, beep…

Salam and hello all,

I have been terribly busy the past couple of months! I know, I couldn’t believe it myself!

People would think housewives have a lot of free time (I thought so too) but when I looked back over the past couple of months, I don’t really think so. 😦

So, I don’t know if I’ve announced on this blog yet, but we have a new kitten in the house!!!! His name is Clinton and he is the sweetest thing ever! He has this silly expression on his face and I just truly love that precious thing. :*

He’s been with us for almost 3 months now and so far things have been great with him. When he first came, he pooped waaayyyy too much and since he was transitioning food, the smell wasn’t pleasant. Ooops, sorry Clint.

How’s everyone with the cold season? Fort Wayne is always cold and dry. We just got back from our Thanksgiving trip last night. Made it a little before 9 pm. It was a good trip, although I was a bit reluctant to go coz the last time I was there , I got sick. 😦 Boohoo.

But glad we went back home. I missed being in the country and just smelling the fresh air. 🙂 I didn’t eat as much this time too, I was sleepy more. I don’t know why. Probably the weather. Thinking about being sleepy, I am sooooooooo sleepy now!

We went to bed late last night. I would say about 2 am. :O

We got news that le hubs aunt passed away last night. So we sat down and talked about it. Le hubs was obviously sad so I had to console him. Then I got up at 7 this morning. I AM SO WEIRD. Seriously, when I hit the sack early, you’d find me waking up late the next morning and vice versa. Ugh. This gotta stop.

I think you figured it out. I am just rambling here and there about random stuff. Anyways, I will try and post Clint’s pic soon. If you already have me on your Instagram, his pictures are old news to you. LOL.

Tired, sleepy & grumpy,