California September 2015

Hey guys!

Hubs and I traveled to Los Angeles earlier last month for a future job opportunity. It was a real last minute plan and I cant believe we did it!

We got our tickets booked on Monday afternoon and early Thursday morning (say 5 am!!), we are already heading to the airport.

Early morning flight = sunrise

Early morning flight = sunrise

It was a long journey from Fort Wayne to Los Angeles. We stopped at Detroit International Airport and although we were there for less than an hour before catching our next flight, I wish I could stay longer to explore the airport. I love that they have the trams in the airport itself. Like, you look up and the tram is there! So fun! Instead of separating the trams in different terminal, you can see the trams right there when you look up before you board your plane. Teehee.

So anyways, we arrived Los Angeles, grabbed our bags, jumped on the bus to the car rental and headed to Bakersfield!

It was quite a frightening drive for me driving through the mountains. Yes, I hate heights – in case you didnt know. Eeeks! So glad hubs was driving!

It was a beautiful drive tho. I get to see a different side of California. Too bad Los Angeles was facing severe drought while we were there.

View to Bakersfield!

View to Bakersfield!

We spent a couple of days in Bakersfield, looking at apartments and gyms – just in case hubs got the job. Yeah, I didnt like traveling last minute like we did that week. Haha. I like to be prepared. Well prepared!

So anyways, after leaving Bakersfield we spent our last day in Los Angeles and went sight seeing. We went to Rodeo Drive and I was lusting over all the purses there.

IMG_3296 IMG_3298 IMG_3297

We also went to Santa Monica for a stroll and I loved it there. I wish we had the time to lay around and just watch the day pass. Maybe next time!

IMG_3313 IMG_3316 IMG_3324

Oooh guys!! I didnt buy anything from my trip! Not even a lipstick! Haha! I cant believe it too! I am trying to wear all the stuff that I have. So, I didnt buy anything in California but I sure ate a lot of food! Pictures to follow!

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Much love!