Salt Lake City, Utah!

Salam and happy Monday all!

I am sitting in the living room now- watching France vs Nigeria, typing this & playing with le kitty all at once. No, I’m not an octopus. I’m just a housewife. Housewives rock coz we can multitask like nobody’s business.

I woke up this morning feeling fresh- I have to give credits to Yoga class I went to yesterday and the 15 mins of sauna after that.

I have covered LA and Las Vegas so I shall wrap this up with my adventure in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although it wasn’t much of an adventure coz I was cooped in the room most of the time.

We stayed at Double Tree by Hilton Salt Lake City – terrible choice. We have had few incidents and we will never stay here anymore. We tried to change hotels but there were several conventions going on the same time we were there so we had to bear all the BS. 😦

The incidents:

1- Double Tree by Hilton is a preferred hotel by the company Adam is working for. So before we checked in, we went through the policies. Breakfast should be free- coupons will be given to you. And guess what? They freakin charged us! Adam went to the front desk countless times and they still screw things up. “oh, manager is not here bla bla bla.” Very dishonest ya.

2- They freaking dared to put us in a building that has none of the aircond working. NONE!! Worst thing about it, they knew we were staying there for 2 freaking weeks. Imagine us coming back to the room from the gym and Jacuzzi. Poor Adam had a migraine coz it was so warm in that room. Sheesh.

3- We complained and got our room changed to another room. Nobody helped us. And the distance between the two rooms is about 5 mins walk. So after sweating from the gym, cooped in the warm room, we had to push our trolley all the way across to the other side of the building. SMH. Worst hotel ever. Malaysian hotels are so much better!!! Take note they never said the aircond in that room works at all. They didn’t mention it to us when we were checking in. Another dishonesty.

Ugh typing all these is making me angry. Let’s just see some of the pictures taken in Salt Lake City!


The lake view at the hotel. The view is definitely gorgeous but if you are staying here, there is nothing interesting around here for you to see. Might as well stay downtown!


Mountains. Simply gorgeous. It was still breezy and chilly but not as cold as back home in Indiana. The lake was half ice, half water! So cool!


Me!!! 😀 We went to Park City the next day and I loved it. It was about 45 mins drive from the hotel but the view was magnificent. Lots of mountains and snow on top of the mountains are just spectacular!


The roads get more narrow once you drive more inside and some roads are one -ways. Be careful whilst driving here. There’ll be people crossing the roads etc. I was one of them! Hehehe! We parked in a parking garage and just walk around like everyone else. Also, the roads are mostly steep so I’d recommend a good pair of shoes to walk around here. 🙂  

We didn’t do any skiing or shopping. This place is beautiful and I highly recommend it. Make sure you wear thick clothing if you come here in the winter- even in February! 🙂


My first Pike with the stability ball. 🙂 I have been eating way too much crap here in SLC and despite all the workout I’ve been doing, I still managed to pack on 5lbs on this body. :p Oh, there’s no AC in the gym too. Go figure.


One of the culprits. This was the reason why I packed on pounds. That chocolate cake was so sinfully rich and it was about the size of my face! Hohhh! Or at least half of it. 🙂


This was another dinner that we went to. Food was wonderful here. I couldn’t remember if I ordered desserts or not. I may have. 😀


Oh okay. There it is. This was the bomb too! I think SLC has the best desserts! I may have to eat something sweet now!!!


Oh another picture from Park City. Thank you Ravil for taking this picture of us!


The other thing that have kept me busy was…. laundry!!!


Me love it! Being away for over 2 weeks, having these machines are such blessings. We didn’t have to worry about dirty clothes and dry cleaning bills at the hotel. 😀


Kitty cat was home alone 😦 I’ve had my friend to come over and look after him but he didn’t like them at all. 😦 He’ll go to the door and when he saw it wasn’t me, he’d went off and hid. Poor kitty. Thanks Danielle and hubs for looking after my little fuzzy ass cat while I was gone. 🙂 Le kitty hates strangers and I still haven’t figured out why. Maybe something in the past had traumatized him.


Another selfie, don’t hate me. 🙂 it rhymes. :)))


Adam and his sunshine! Ahaks! 😀


Geese couple! Hahaha!

Thanks for reading and have a blessed week ahead.

And thank you hubs, for taking me to all these places. I’ve had a wonderful time, despite some hiccups along the way. But you made everything okay afterwards. I love you.



Just saying hi..

Hello and salam sweets,

Hope everyone is in a good mood now that the weekend is officially here! Yay! I am a housewife but weekends are precious to me coz I get to spend time with my Adam. 🙂

I miss him every time he’s at work. Is this normal? Or just newlyweds problem? 🙂 Anyhows, I am blessed  to have him in my life and don’t even care if I’m madly in love with him.

This week has been rather busy for me. I have been busy cooking, setting up our new Comcast modem & box, went to concert, groceries shopping, training etc. Whoever says housewives sit on their asses watching tv not doing anything is delusional.

It’s my eldest step kid’s birthday soon and I’ll have to go to the post office to ship her present. Not gonna tell what we got for her coz honestly I don’t know if she’s reading my blog or not. I want it to be a surprise! I  promise after she got her birthday present, I’ll post it up here. I just hope she loves it. 🙂

It’s 1742 hours now and I gotta sign off. I have a fitness class at 1830 hours and still gotta wake Adam from his nap and pack our protein powder. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and til we meet again, Insya Allah.



For my sayang…

Thank you for putting up with me.

I know I can be hard at times.

Do know that you are my superman.


Las Vegas Part II

Salam and hello again,

Ha! I’m on the roll here! This would be my third post this week, hopefully I’ll continue to do so coz I have soooooo many things that I need to write! We are coming to an end on Las Vegas post then I’ll write a short one on Salt Lake City coz I basically just sat in the room while Adam worked. It will be short but I promise the pictures are worth it! Nothing funny, just wanted to show you a part of USA that I’ve been to. 😉

Please don’t mind my miss-spelling or broken grammar on here- I am doing a gazillion things at one. But it’s been a good day. I went for a cardio this morning. Nothing hardcore- just walking at 4.0 mph while watching the match between Australia and the Netherlands. I have been eating crap since the World Cup started so I decided to walk instead. 😉 

So okay, here are the pictures from our second day in Las Vegas! Enjoy! 




The Harley Davidson café Las Vegas. There are escalators next to this café and that was where I saw a guy got his nuts kicked for 20 bucks. I wouldn’t recommend it coz medical in the States is way too pricey. I don’t think 20 bucks would cover your visit to the ER. Just sayin’. 😉



Welcome to the Venitian! The building is beautiful, I was in awe. The view is also splendid. I didn’t shop much here altho the hubs was kind enough to offer me a Michael Kors bag. 😉 Thank you sayang. Next time ok? 🙂 There are shops like Zara(we saw the directory but couldn’t find it), Michael Kors, White Basin, Teavana etc but we didn’t even go to one. I still thought I could conquer the Strip.

I was wrong.

So. Wrong.


Then we had early dinner at Hard Rock Café. It was okay. Food was okay but the margaritas were the bomb! Haaaaaahhhhh! I swear the only thing we had was just margaritas. No mineral water and that my friend, was not good at all. Because I was totally dehydrated the next day. 😦 Maybe Las Vegas isn’t for me. I tried tho. 🙂 


Remember New York New York? 😉 We saw people on roller coasters but couldn’t find the entrance to it. Thank God!! I hate roller coasters but the husband loves them. Whatever.


I just had to take a picture of this coz it reminded me of………………… Yes! Double 07! This is one of the oldest casinos on Las Vegas strip. We went inside coz I had to use the restroom. Let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant.

You can smell ‘bad’ air in there mixed with some fast food restaurants cooking. Not my thing. Oh, you can smoke in the casinos and if you are on the slot machine, they’ll give you free drinks. The waitress will come around and get you drinks but you still need to tip them. Yes. Nothing is free in this world!!!


Inside the Venetian! We didn’t go for this ganola ride coz 1st – there were a lot of people queuing for it. 2nd – the ganola man will sing along the ride. Makes me want to sing my heart out too! 3rd- Most of the pax were elderly people. Let’s not make Adam feel bad.

Kidding!!! :))))


Also in the Venetian. So cantik kannnnn!!! Haaahhhh! I felt like a princess for a bit. (DON’T JUDGE ME!)


Le hubs! I didn’t finish my lunch from PF Chang’s so we had to tapao. I’m stingy like that. Kata Asians kan……….

We had Fat Tuesday’s margaritas along the way and they were so good too! They were so good I sipped waaayy too much too quickly and had brain freeze. FML. Orang tamak. 😦

When you are in Vegas you’ll see people sling their jugs in their shoulder and my cup made me feel like I didn’t have a drinking problem. 😉 The bigger the cup, the cheaper it’ll be. Standard lah kan, marketing. But also in my case, the bigger the cup, the more we had to make pit stops to the rest room. 🙂


Before we flew out from Indianapolis for this crazy trip, I already ask the husband to purchase Britney Spears tickets for us but he was stubborn. He said we can just go there and but whatever unsold tickets they have.


We are talking about Britney Spears here! But oh well, I’ll just take a picture.




At Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. This place is huge! Look at that face. No sign of guilt at all! Hmph….


Inside the casino! The casinos are usually dim and I dare say you wouldn’t know if it’s day or night outside. No wonder people can stay too long in here coz you wouldn’t notice the time passing.


Had to take a picture of this too becauseeee………. Yes! The Hang Over!!! Hahaha! We didn’t get to go in there tho. Perhaps next time!


Hello sunshine!!! We were so happy to be here during this time of the year coz Indiana was covered in thick snow and it was so cold there. Las Vegas was perfect last February. Not cold and definitely not too hot too. Perfect time!


Queuing for ticket shows! There are few booths you can go to and queue to get show tickets/dining/clubbing discounts. I think we got 10% off our bill in Hard Rock Café from here too. Just gotta make sure you see all the details/rules & regulations before you purchase. Like ours, we had to be there before 6pm.


Okay, let’s look at this lady. Does she look like a Haitian? A Latina?

I don’t think so. When we were paying for our tickets, the guy at the counter said to me, ”You look so exotic. Are you from Haiti?” And when I said No, he asked if I was from Mexico.

I am a freaking Asian!

And oh, that is my Vapor- which reminds me to start using it again instead of smoking the ciggies. Although you can pretty much smoke anywhere when you are outside (some States have law that u must be over 8 ft from the door), I still carry my Vapor coz 1- the smoke isn’t as thick(well it can be thick u can adjust it on your Vapor) and as smelly as ciggies smoke. 2- I never smoke with kids around. Ever.I don’t even feel comfortable smoking around non-smokers. That’s just the way I am.

So after walking on the strip, bought some shirts and magnets, had lunch & dinner, it was time to head back to the hotel coz we bought tickets for a show that night. I freaking loved it! It was so good. Our tickets was 40% off the original price so it was indeed a good purchase. 🙂

We head back to Salt Lake City the next day in the afternoon after lunch. We had lunch at this Malaysian restaurant and from the reviews, the restaurant sounded awesome. Well, I was a bit disappointed coz I’ve had high expectations and the service & food didn’t met my expectations at all. Hmmm. Too bad.

Hope you’ve had fun reading and I really have to go and continue with chores now. Laundry, change sheets, vacuum, and I think I’ll have to do groceries later on too. Sigh.

Have a good day everyone and wait for the next post. I’ll take you to…….. Salt Lake City, Utah!!


Izza 🙂

Las Vegas Part 1


Salam and hello,

Yep, you got it right! We are going to Las Vegas in this entry! I apologize for the long delay. Adam and I left Salt Lake City for Las Vegas on Friday afternoon and made it there 6 hours later. The journey was fine, except there are way too many mountains along the way and I tried not to look outside for most of the journey. Hehe. Mak gayat, nyah!

We were given the new Cadillac, although hubs tried to get a smaller SUV but hey, once in awhile rolling like Diddy, why not! Let’s just make the best of it 😉

We were staying at the Luxor hotel and Alhamdulillah, our accommodation and hubs meals are paid for by the company coz he was still traveling for work when we were in Las Vegas. We had to pack up and check out from our hotel in Salt Lake City, but that’s alright. Anything to save money! 😀

So, in the US it is really hard to look for a hotel that provides smoking room and this Luxor hotel offers them and I couldn’t be happier. The husband was not really happy coz the room was on the ground floor and music was playing out loud with many people walking outside our room. I was worried at first but when we got to the room and closed the door behind us, we couldn’t hear a thing! Fuhh! Selamat gegirl!! 😀

We freshen up, hubs got himself coffee (Starbucks was literally 20 steps away from our room yay!) and we went outside for a walk. It was still breezy and I was so happy I got my coat on. Always wear flats when walking around Las Vegas coz the strip is a long walk. Haha! I’m glad I wore my flats!





The journey. Welcome to the desert! Don’t be fooled by the distance because that’s what desert does! You’d think you are closer to your destination, but tet! Move some more baby!


Hello Arizona! We’re just passing you! 🙂 Arizona is in between Utah and Nevada! Too bad we couldn’t find a gas station in Arizona coz I’d like to buy a fridge magnet! Boohoo!


Some of the buildings we passed by. What I like about Las Vegas is you’ll see a lot of lights and they are all so sparkly and colorful. I loved them! Even their Mc Donalds have lampu lip lap!!




Nope. Just passing through. Take me to the Strip!

Adam’s last trip to Las Vegas was probably 3 years ago. So with all this technology and road constructions, we had a little bit of a struggle to get to the hotel. It was not a good drive when le hubs is pissed. But I survived. Hoho!


New York New York! Came out of our hotel for a walk and we saw this! I haven’t been to New York but my friends have been there and they loved it. Perhaps next year we can go, sayang? Most of the hotels are attached to one another so it’s pretty easy to go everywhere.



And 10 minutes later, we are in Paris! Haaaa! I loved it! Adam said this is the most budget vacation he can take me too. From Las Vegas to New York to Paris in less than 12 hours! That silly man. Hahah!


The Bellagio. This is where they play the musical water fountains and it was so beautiful! I loved when they play Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On here. Somehow it was a bit emotional for me. :,)


Eiffel tower in Las Vegas! Too bad we don’t have a park to sit near it.


Ohai! It’s me! *waves frantically*


Hubs got hungry and starting to get cranky so we stopped by one of the little convenience stall (it’s not a store) along the pathways and got this monkey a banana! I was fascinated by all the lights, the people, the fountains and fireworks I forgot we hadn’t eaten anything yet. Hihi! We went to PF Chang’s for dinner/supper. Gotta feed this little Asian lady wei!

So anyways, I’m gonna split my Las Vegas trip into two (so I’ll have more to post). Few things to note on my first night here:

1- There will be ‘funny’ ways for people to make money in Las Vegas. People in costumes are still alright but one that traumatized me was guys carrying signs that say ‘Kick my nuts for 20 dollars.’ and I happened to see one got his sack got kicked right in front of my eyes! Let me tell you, that scream…. You know he’s in deep pain. Haaahhh….

2- There’ll be A LOT of people giving out cards by the roadsides. If you are curious, you can pick one and see what that is. I got a sex service and immediately threw it away. Haha!!

3- A lot of people come to Las Vegas to party. And they usually do it hard! Let’s just say I’ve seen some embarrassing moments and wondered if these people would remember about it when they woke up the next day. 🙂

That is all from me today. Hope you’ve had fun reading. I’m surprised I didn’t struggle so much to remember things that happened 4 months ago.

Toodles and stay safe!

P/S: Do u like entries with pictures or would you mind if I just type without any pictures to go with my entries? Thanks a bunch!

Drama free , please…

Salam and hello all,

Sorry for the long hiatus. I am still alive. Surpriseeee! Haha! Ok, tak lawak.

So, we have been really busy traveling around- Chicago, St. Louis and Poplar Bluff late April-early May and then Adam and I have been visiting Baltimore, Washington DC and Virginia just two weeks ago. Pictures and stories in the next post ya, Insya Allah. I still owe you guys LA-Vegas-Salt Lake City.

I actually just renamed this entry from Hiatus to Drama Free, please.. .


To those who know me, you’d know I prefer to live my life drama free but reality check, drama exists. I don’t even like watching TV because of the drama. They give me headaches and I’m one kind of person that thinks waaayyy too much.

So okay, let’s replay these dramas. These happened before I got to the US.

Drama 1:

I have a degree in Accountancy and like every universities in Malaysia, women dominate this more than men. So there were several girls I was friend with. For three semesters we hung out together, even during the final week. Forth semester came, I asked them out and they all said No. Well, I totally understand and respect that but one smart ass mouth said to me ‘You didn’t fail any paper last semester. You don’t understand what we are going through.’ Well, well. To cut story short, I went my own way and these girls went their own ways too and we never go out together again.

Drama 2:

I had to be in KL for a couple interview at the US Embassy for my visa and since I had no many relatives and close friends that I can stay with in KL, I went to stay with my most favorite cousin. Read: My most favorite cousin.

All was okay until his housemates grew fond of me(I suspect jealousy happened) . He started treating me like trash. On my last night in KL, he actually threw me out and when I left the next day, he didn’t even say good bye. Take note that during my stay with him, I have given him money to buy me a mattress(and it came out pretty thin and his housemates said with the money I gave him, I should have gotten a thick one!), my electricity/water bill, and also paid for food/car rental/taxi/groceries/taxi for both of us.

What hurts is he spent my money like water. He’d pick the most expensive food/drink from the menu and never ever gave me the gesture to pay. One time he even expected me to pay for his toiletries as well and it was close to RM100! Bitch, I carry my own shampoo, soaps and even rice whenever I travel (Al maklum, I kan kampong)! I was not happy and I actually did ask for my money back. I haven’t spoke to him since I left and decided maybe it’s best we left it that way. I’ll always be nice to people but once I got fucked, I ain’t staying! Hasta la vista baby!

Drama 3:

I used to have a lot of people I called friends back in Miri. We usually got together for happy hour, some clubbing session and just lepak. Until one day I realized I have been spending way too much money and time on those things, gained too much weight and Adam was not really pleased with me coming back home at 4 in the morning. So I cut back and started running. Did I get support from these people? Nope. They mocked me. They deleted me from their Facebook and Instagram. I still don’t understand the hatred. However, this never got to me. I was in a different state of mind and having the best people in my life supporting me really helped a lot. My best friends didn’t buy their BS and stood strong by me. I love you guys. Thank you for always believing in me.

I guess I better leave things here now. I am a little sadden after writing these but like Adam always told me ‘People come and go.’

He’s correct.

I want the awesome people to stay and certainly wouldn’t mind the fake ones to leave. I have learned a lot from all these dramas, despite the heart ache they gave me. And despite being fucked over, I still love people and will always be nice to them.

Stay tuned for more coz I have 2 more dramas to share with you. Until then, be safe and remember to tell the person you love how much they mean to you.

Thanks for reading my rant and sorry for the foul languages. They are, unfortunately, appropriate. 😉