What’s in My Gym Bag

I am a very simple person. I carry only essentials when I’m out most of the time and my gym bag is the same as well.

Here are the things that I carry in my gym bag:


I bought the bag from Target for 3$ and I love it! I have a proper gym bag from Nike but with only little things that I carry, it tends to sag and I find it very hard for me to look for my stuff.

So in the gym bag, I have 2 pairs lifting gloves, a pad lock (the combination is insane sometimes after a tiring workout, it took me awhile to have it opened. True story!), a pouch from Victoria’s Secret that holds my extra earphones, Bose earphone case (Bose is amazing!), an iPod, sunnies case from Ray Ban and glasses case from Versace (I wear contact lenses most of the time but sometimes my eyes get dry and uncomfortable), a pen, Polar heart rate tracker, an extra hair band and of course my trusted LV key cles.

I know I should have more stuff in here, like my contact lenses case, a lifting belt (I actually need to buy this!) and probably eye drops too. But for now, this is the situation. 🙂

Have a great week, my lovelies!



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