This is going to be my weekly journal of quitting cigarettes. 

The weekend before –

A and I went and get gas and as usual, i got my money ready to buy my ciggies by the carton. I went inside and i dont know what got into me but i asked how much it is going to cost. Now, i have been doing this every month and i KNOW how much i have been paying for the carton. The cashier scanned the carton and to my surprise, the price has jumped by over 20$!! 

I didn’t have enough money then so instead of getting the carton, i got me 2 packs. I was so upset yet at the same time i made a mental note “it’s time to quit.”

A needed to get his haircut that same day and since his hair salon is next to Target, I went ahead and got me a box of nicotine patch.

First Day-

I was supposed to quit on Monday but I felt like I wasn’t ready. My quit date is April 13th, Thursday. 

It isn’t too bad for me because I have bought the nicotine patch. The nicotine patch didn’t stick too well, however so I had to improvise and bought a medical tape to tape it over the patch. I moved the patch about 3 times and finally decided to stick it on my flat chest LOL.

It is so hard to sleep tonight. I felt so hot. 😦

Second Day-

I’ve got a headache. Other than that I’m okay. I still got the cravings (more like something to do with my hand to be honest). I take a lot of deep breaths today. That helped. Tonight’s sleep was okay. I did get a bit of zzzs. Unlike last night.

Third Day-

No headache, still have cravings but not that bad. I have been doing a research today online on stories of people quitting cigarettes, particularly famous people and I came across this book – Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. 

To be honest, whenever I get cravings, I read the book. Otherwise, I am ok. I dont know if this is a good idea or not. LOL. But so far it’s working. πŸ™‚ I am feeling tired today so I took a nap. That helped. I read online that you will get sluggish the first few days of quitting ciggies. 

I did legs today too after my nap (I try to do legs twice a week because it’s the body part that I dislike of myself) and I felt so much better doing it. I didnt get kaput too easily (usually around 8 reps LOL) so that could be a motivation. Step up my squat game. Yeah! 

Forth Day-

It’s Sunday and I got my period. Not feeling the best but since my period pain always trumps other pain in my life, I didn’t get the cravings or had got no time to think of ciggies. Plus A is leaving today for work. Who is going to police me?  

Fifth Day-

I woke up with rash skin and bubbles on the skin I put on the patch yesterday. Boo. And it hurts so bad when I showered. 

I had the weirdest dream last night. Ever since I have put on this patch, I always get weird dreams. The patch box already mentioned having vivid dreams as one of the side effects. I hope the dreams stop though. Ugh. 

I went to the gym today and I thought I did very well. No shortness of breathe and definitely rocked my workout. Tempted to go to the gas station near my gym but I didn’t. A would be so proud of me. YAY!

I am on second pack of gum today. And I demolished 2/3rd of my chocolate bar. Oh my. I am so gaining weight from quitting ciggies but thankfully I am on a muscle building program so I can eat! Teehee. 


I will update day six and seven on next week’s post. I have one day left being by myself on this journey. Being alone by myself simply means physically. I have great support from my gym friends and of course my friends in Malaysia. ❀ 

I will also let you know on the nicotine patch that I use some time in the next post.

Thanks for reading. ❀


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