Mario Badescu Facial Spray Review

My heart is blooming! I have been getting a lot of positive comments on my skin (a fellow gym go-er thought I was 24 years old!!!! πŸ˜€ ) and the only thing I have changed was adding this facial spray into my beauty regime.

I have not tried many facial sprays but I have tried three (including this) from different categories. i.e: basic, affordable and expensive.

The very first one I’ve tried was the basic, Evian facial spray and to be honest it didn’t do much for me. Just freshen up my skin. So I scouted for another one. I went with Caudalie. Β That was a bit too ‘spicy’ for my face. Probably the mint feel and I hated it.

I almost gave up on facial sprays until I heard of this skin care brand, Mario Badescu from Zoella’s Youtube channel. She was actually talking about the drying lotion but the name stuck to me because it’s so unique.

And since I’ve paid so much for the Caudalie, I thought to myself, this isn’t a bad price at all! So I purchased it and have been loving it ever since. This facial spray is here to stay! *See what I did there? It even rhymes!*



Here it is!


And here are the ingredients! I have a very sensitive skin, however this never hurt me and I’m so happy about it. I use this twice or thrice a day. Once after morning shower, once before I head to the gym and once at night before bed. I pat/pressed it on my skin after I sprayed onto my face.

And here’s me today with very minimal make up. These two pictures were obviously taken under different lighting but I swear to you I didn’t edit any of these.

I am so excited to do my next review on another Mario Badescu’s skin care product which is the infamous Drying Lotion. I have tried it for the first time last night and I will give you an update and review after a week of using it so stay tuned for that. πŸ™‚

Much love.

The Eyeliner Showdown

Hey guys.

I have no talent or skills when it comes to make up so I only have four things that I use on a daily basis. And they are all very important to me. So please dont ask me to pick which one I couldn’t live without. Haha!

Oh if you were curious of the three things that I use on a daily basis, they are: eye brow definer, tinted moisturizer, liquid lipstick and eyeliner. And today we are going to talk about the eyeliners!

I am always on the hunt for an awesome eyeliner especially from the price point and how long it will last.

These are the eyeliners I have been using lately. Mind you, I wear them to the gym as well so that’s about 1.5 – 2 hours of sweating. Here you go!

1- Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon EyelinerΒ 

Woah!! That’s a mouthful. Haha! And as I was typing it, I was wondering if this was a crayon or a gel eyeliner. Sorry, I ain’t a makeup expert. But I know they are gel, crayon and liquid eyeliners right? Maybe this Marc Jacobs’s eyeliner is both? Like 2 in 1?

To be honest, I got this as a birthday gift from Sephora Birthday gift last year and guess what? I freakin love this! This lasts the whole day you guys! Yes, even when i go to the gym and get on the Stairmaster for 50 minutes! This wont budge until you clean your face! You can check the product out here :Β Marc Jacobs

It has 3 different finishes and a lot of colours to choose from too! This is my ultimate favourite and thanks to Sephora’s awesome birthday gift, I have discovered this! If you haven’t done so, please enroll in Sephora’s Beauty Rewards and you get to collect awesome birthday gift!

Verdict: I highly recommend this! πŸ™‚

2- Chanel Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer

Okay I purchased this about a year of two ago so I dont remember where I got it from. Most probably in Neiman Marcus in St Louis. Sadly guys, I paid the most for this and it’s kind of a let down. I know everyone’s eyelids are different and mine can be oily and this doesnt sit well at all on my eyelids. It can get everywhere and fades very quickly too. You can check the product here:Β Chanel

It comes with a sharpener (perhaps that’s why it’s expensive. You get a Chanel sharpener LOL) and oh, at the end of the crayon there’s a smudge tip applicator.

Verdict: I do not recommend this. 😦

3- Urban Decay Perversion All Nighter Eyeliner

I can’t find this on the website you guys! It must have been an old style because I bought this from Nordstrom Rack. Funny, my left eyelid still had the eyeliner but it’s a mess on my right eyelid. So I don’t know how to feel about this. It’s the least priced amongst all three but what I dont like about it is it’s a retractable version. I prefer the ones that you can sharpen. Sorry I couldn’t find any link to this online. Not even on Nordstrom Rack website. Boo.

Verdict: I do not recommend this. 😦

So there you go guys! I might be a bit harsh with the verdicts but hey, I only have a few items that I can judge for my lack of skills and knowledge when it comes to makeup. I hope this post will help you to decide on which high end eyeliner to get next time because I know the pain of trying make up stuff and they don’t work as good as you’d like them to.

Thanks for reading you guys and if you have any favourite eyeliner that you think I should try, comment below and let me know!

Take care.


Adele 25

OMG! Have you guys listened to the album yet? It’s fantastic! Several of my favorites are Hello, Million Years Ago, Remedy and All I Ask! But all her Β other songs on that album are great!

You see, I dont usually the type of person that buys songs or albums (especially albums) but I took the risk to buy Adele’s 25 and prayed hard I’d like the album. Haha! Thank God I love it!!

Some people would be asking themselves “Why so serious? It’s a freaking album. It doesnt cost more than 15 bucks bla bla bla.”

That’s just me.

I am very calculative when it comes to me spending for myself. I dont have problems spending money on other people tho.


I’m serious.

Coz I know when I spend money on other people, no matter how small i.e: lunch), they’d be happy! I love making people happy! However, before spending money on something for me, I ALWAYS have to question myself, “Will I be happy with this thing?” “What if it’s not good?”.


I’ve always been so hard on myself, trust me.

So anyways, if you havent got the album yourself, go get it and lets be in mellow mood and think about all our life decisions.

And oh, if you are terrible like me too, listen to her previous album and let Adele herself decide for you. πŸ˜€ That’s what I did. I listened to her 21 album and I was so surprised I was enjoying myself again listening to her last album. On repeat 3 times ok. :/

Trust me, after too much of rock songs, Adele’s songs are extremely relaxing.

Much love.

Our New Home

Hi all!

I’m running out of ideas to write, but I have made it my mission to write every week. I am on a roll here, so let’s not break that chain. πŸ™‚

Before moving here to Bakersfield, A and I went a month ahead for the interview and home searching. We looked at different places and this place that we are currently living in, we didn’t get to see it because all the apartments were fully occupied. So we only get to see pictures on the website.

We took that chance and boy, thank God we did coz we love this place! It’s quite and very clean. Most importantly, it has gas range! All my life, I have been cooking with gas range and when we were in Fort Wayne, I struggled a lot to cook due to the range being electric. I’m telling you, the taste of the food cooked on gas range is 150% nicer! πŸ™‚

This new place is definitely bigger than our previous one and since that is the case (and also being in California), the rent is about double from what we paid on our last one.

Okay, no more talking. Let’s see some pictures of our new home!

Dining area.

Dining area.

Finally we get to use our dining table! When we were in FW, we usually eat in front of the TV (so not good!). Here we get to sit and spend some time together reflecting our days at dinner time. πŸ™‚ I love having a proper sit down meal with my family.

Kitchen area. This is where I spend most of my time at.

Kitchen area. This is where I spend most of my time at.

A gets his coffee counter here, which makes him a very happy man! I set up his Verismo machine on that counter, along with his coffee bean grinder. The cabinet above it stores his cups, tea and coffee inventory.

Master bathroom.

Master bathroom.

Since our new bathroom is quite big, I let A share the bathroom with me this time! We had a separate bathroom back in FW and it was actually kind of hard for me to keep up with the cleaning. I mean I cleaned mine every week and he only cleaned his when he has time. πŸ™‚ So now that we share a bathroom together, I only had to clean one bathroom. I still have to clean the other bathroom too but it’s more like scooping the boy’s litter box. πŸ™‚

Master bedroom with the boys taking over our bed

Master bedroom with the boys taking over our bed

Living room

Living room

The single Ikea chair belongs to A / Clinton. They both love that chair while Kitty and I love the chase section of the couch. Funny our cats share our favorite things. Kitty is good tho. He let me share the couch with him but Clinton is very territorial with that Ikea chair. He’d annoy A until he give that chair up. AHA!

Vanity area.

Vanity area.

Double vanity area! It’s a first for us. It’s one of the reason why I let A share the bathroom with me. There’s no way I’d be using this double vanity are all by myself. I mean, I could but that would’t be nice, would it? πŸ™‚

The office

The office

It’s a two bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment. As usual, we turned the second bedroom into our home office where we get some paperworks (for me) and work(for A) done. I put my ironing board in here too but I dont see myself ironing clothes in here. Last week I dragged it to the living room so I could watch some telly while I get my ironing done. πŸ™‚

What do you think of our new home? I love our new home and i think one of the reasons why we are happy here is because we love our home. We have all the space for everything and we also have a garage! LOL. We didnt have one before so when we saw this on the website, we were sold!!

Thanks for reading everyone and I’ll catch you on the next post. Take care and be safe, aight!

Much love.

Fantastic Weekend


How are we doing today? It’s Monday, huh. Always the busiest day for me but thank God, I had some time to do some cleaning yesterday while A worked. πŸ™‚ I usually deep clean my kitchen, bathrooms and laundry on Mondays. Sundays are usually reserved for washing the linen and towels so I dont get too busy during the week. Since we both go to the gym almost everyday, I usually have tons of laundry to do. Sad, to be honest coz it’s just two of us here. LOL.

Our weekend started on Friday afternoon, actually coz A reserved the afternoon off with his staff to celebrate their budget work (I think). So we went to the Firehouse here in Bakersfield and man, it was really hard to find that place. BUT, while we were looking for that place, we stumbled upon an Asian Market! Yay! We already went twice this weekend HAHA.

We played pool that afternoon and I was surprisingly good that day. I actually got 4 balls in (yes, I’m bragging about those four!) and I hit all the balls that I aimed to hit. I sucked so much at pool sometimes I dont get to hit the ball I aimed for. :p Oh, the people on A’s team are amazing! I got to speak to five of them and I quite enjoyed myself. I love great people! After Firehouse, A and I went ahead to watch my boyfriend afterwards. (Daniel Craig. *Ehem* ) Spectre was fantastic. Always loved the cars and the suits. Haha! Since it has been a lazy day, might as well go ahead with it so we stopped by Sushi Time to pick up dinner. πŸ™‚



I drove to the gym on Saturday evening with A by my side. And I drove on my own yesterday morning! Woop woop!

I kind of feel safer driving here in Bakersfield compared to driving in Fort Wayne. I guess because it’s rare seeing Californians driving with the cellphones on their hands. Fort Wayne on the other hand, out of 10 cars, 7 would be on the cellphones. It’s so scary to me.

Kitty got his ears cleaned and hair brushed. And both boys got their nails clipped. Kitty is more relaxed now, I’m loving it. He follows me everywhere I go all week and he started to eat his treats again. πŸ™‚ Here are some pictures of the boys from last week.

Fair warning tho, these boys are so cute!!!

Which is your pick? Clinton Ali or Tom Selleck?

Which is your pick? Clinton Ali or Tom Selleck?

Every single morning.

Every single morning.

On a night he slept with me throughout the night. We should have bought a King size bed. :/

On a night he slept with me throughout the night. We should have bought a King size bed. :/

When my bed is not made at 10 am, he is the reason.

When my bed is not made at 10 am, he is the reason.

Lazing on his favorite spot on the couch.

Lazing on his favorite spot on the couch.

Sunday afternoon after some grooming.

Sunday afternoon after some grooming.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Speak to you soon! And if you havent already, add me on Snapchat – izzafarihana. I am active on there, which is awesome coz I have thousands of pictures and videos on Instagram. HAHA.

Alright, time to go. See you guys on the next post.

Love you.

My Youtube Favorites

Hello you guys!

It’s been gloomy this week but to my surprise, I kinda like it. Shhh… Dont be telling A though coz he hates cold weather with every ounce he has in his body. :p

So anyways, I have been going to the gym Monday – Wednesday this week coz my last day was on Wednesday. Boo.

To take my sadness away, let’s talk about my Youtube favorites! Teehee.

Aside from Netflix, A, and the cats, Youtube is my life! ❀

I find that most of my favorite Youtubers are from the UK and I think Youtube is huge there compared to other parts of the world. I mean most of the Youtubers from the UK that I subscribed to have their own products. Like Zoey, Alfie, Fleur, the Saccone Jolys etc.

So to share the joy with you, here are my list of favorite Youtubers!

1- The Saccone Jolys!Β 

The Saccone Jolys upload their vlogs EVERY SINGLE DAY(!!!!) at 6pm (UK time) and aaahhhh I look forward to it every single day. The kiddos, Emilia and Eduardo are sooooo cute! The mom, Anna is gorgeous and the dad, Jonathan is silly and sweet!

Anna and Jonathan both have their own channels of their own aside from their main channel. I love Anna’s personal channel as much as I love the SJ’s. That woman is a superwoman! Weeee!

And oh, The Saccone Jolys’ calendars are ready for you to order now and I want one so bad! However, I do not have the address to our new place now so I guess I’ll have to order once we have our new place. I hope there’d still be some for me!

Here are parents’ personal channels, FYI:

Anna- Anna Saccone Joly

Jonathan- Jonathan Saccone Joly

2- Zoella / More Zoella

Zoe is actually the reason why I have been watching the Saccone Jolys! They are obviously friends and Zoe is just sooo cute as well! She’s really big in the UK, guys! I think she has like 9 million followers in one of the channels listed above. Crazy right?!

Wanna hear something crazier? She has her own wax figure in Madam Tussauds Wax Museum in London! Say whaaaattttt??!!

3- The Pointless Blog Vlogs

I found Alfie (The Pointless Blog Vlogs) from Zoella (AGAIN!). Lol. They are all related I’m telling you! Alfie is dating Zoella and I was surprised when I learned that he’s actually younger than Zoe. Probably because Zoe is so small and has a baby face!

Anyways, Alfie has his own wax figure in Madam Tussauds Wax Museum in London too, next to Zoella! Sweet!

4- Gigi Gorgeous

I think I’ve mentioned enough of UK Youtubers and time to move on to my other favorite Youtuber from around the world.

I am not too sure about Gigi’s origin though. I’m sorry. I’m not sure if she was a Canadian or an American. :/

I love her coz she has the best energy and also funny! She’s a transgender woman (I hope I dont offend anybody here, sorry!) and it’s amazing to see her transformation. She has the best body (I want her abs please and her legs!!!) and my most favorite things she does on her channel are Favorites and Story Time videos!

So anyways guys, I will leave you right here coz man, I am hungry. LOL. Fit people problem I’m telling you! Anyways, have a great weekend guys and if you have the chance to browse around the Youtubers’ channels mentioned above, hollar me and tell me what you think. πŸ™‚

Much love.

Bye bye Second Home :(

Hey guys,

If you are on my Facebook and also been following me on Instagram, you’d automatically know that my second home is the gym.

Since we are relocating, we have sent in notice to cancel our rental apartment and of course, the gym. Canceling the gym is harder than I thought it would be. Probably coz that place is my escape whenever I feel anxious and lonely. It’s also the place where I have met wonderful people here in Fort Wayne.

My last day is today. Sobs.

I have several classes that I loved at my gym and most of them are taught by this wonderful lady, Elisa. I religiously went to her Turbokick (twice a week) and Bootcamp (once a week) before committing to my 12 week program with Jamie Eason.

If I knew I’d be leaving, I would have just stuck to her classes. :/

Ahh it’s in the past now and there’s no point crying over spilled milk. I’m just happy I could go to three of her Turbokick classes and one Bootcamp yesterday.

I am going to miss Elisa and her witty self. And of course her killer workouts. Here’s a picture of us taken yesterday by D.

E and I.

E and I.

Thank you for kicking my bums in your classes and calling me out whenever my forms suck. You are the best E!

And to all my friends at the Y, thank you so much for always being so kind to me. You are all going to be missed!

As for now, I would be doing my workouts at the clubhouse til we move out end of this month.

Much love.