White Noise App

Hey guys,

If you are having trouble with sleeping (happens to me on my rest days all the time!!), there’s an app for us!

I have been loving the app – White Noise app!

You get to choose what sounds relaxes you and my personal favorite is the thunder! 😀

It’s kind of weird tho coz I hate thunders. LOL.

I changed to the wind last night and it helped me.

Have a look at the description and see if this will work for you too. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.35.15 PM

I think I have gotten this app for free from the Starbucks app. I love the Starbucks app too and I may not like their Free Song selections but their Free Apps are pretty awesome. One time they had the NY Times Crosswords for free but I dont do crosswords. 😀 They have Free Books sometimes too. Just keep on the look out for them!

Ok! That is all from me today. Have a great day, guys!



P/S: You can always set the timers for the sounds to be playing and you can always have your alarm set on this app too. I never set my alarm on this app coz I have my old school alarm clock to wake me up. Adam hates my alarm clock  btw, but whatever. 😀