Venice Beach, CA!

Hello! Sorry for the long hiatus- I have been overwhelmed with things like kicking my jet lag, driver’s license test and just working out. I have been working out a lot & harder than I’ve ever done. I’m at the gym almost everyday of the week, doing circuit training most of the time! Ahhh! 

We didn’t do so much today except hitting the beaches. We had breakfast down the block at Coffee Bean. It was much cheaper than paying 15 bucks per head just to eat omelette at the hotel we were staying at. Just a lil stroll down the road for a cheaper breakfast! Yay! 

We started with Venice Beach! Oh my God, I am so in love with this place! There are so much things going around here. Surfers, runners, cyclists, people playing basketballs, volleyballs, street performers ahh u name it! I loved it! There are rows and rows of shops you can go into but they are not cheap so we didn’t buy a lot. Just a dress and couple of shirts for me. And that shop was going out of business so yay!! 

There’s also a gym in Venice beach (the Gold’s gym) and it is outdoor! Much love!! (but must be a pain in the ass to work out under the blazing sun in the summer. Bleh!



Welcome to Venice beach! See the surfer behind me? LOL. 




Palm trees FTW! We don’t have these where we live so sakai a bit 😉





This is the dress i bought here! 🙂



Art – it is synonym with Venice beach. 






Another mural 🙂










And love birds!! 😀 

Valentine’s Day 2014


Sorry for the long hiatus! Adam and I went for a long vacation and we just got back last Sunday past midnight.

So, how’s everyone doing? My cat surely missed us and we were so glad our good friend, Danielle was there to look after him. He’s still pestering me wherever I go and he still climbs on my at night.

My body is still adjusting to this time zone as it was different in West Coast. It’s like 3 hours difference and when we first arrived in Los Angeles, I was tired and just crashed. I found myself awake at 3am that morning FML. Adam said it was jet lag.

Why, I didn’t know we’d be jet lagged traveling within the United States!!

So yes, Adam took me to Los Angeles for Valentine’s Day weekend. It was my first time traveling within the States and it was tiring! Especially with the TSA check! You’ll have to strip down- coats off, belts off, shoes off. Such a hassle especially traveling during winter time. And don’t let me start with the lines! Ahh!

Okay, enough ranting about that. We left home on Feb 13th morning, drove to Indianapolis and flew out from there to the famous LAX. 🙂 And since Southwest doest serve food on board, we bought 2 packs of sandwiches to bring with us. We made a stop in Las Vegas for 40 mins then resumed our flight. Flight was about close to 5 hours!


That was me- excited to board on the plane without knowing the long journey ahead of me. lol


Got our shoes cleaned and shine at the airport! 🙂 Mine didn’t make a lot of difference coz these are cheap boots 🙂

So, we had basically two days in LA- Friday and Saturday. We went to Hollywood on our first day in LA and I freaking loved it! Everyone was so friendly, I did a lot of shopping(as if I need another pair of heels and dresses!!!) and we also went to Madam Tussauds for the wax figures!!!! I’ve seen pictures of my friends in Madam Tussauds in Bangkok and I was jealous! I want to be in there too!!!

It was both me and Adam’s first time so it was sweet! It’s pretty pricey(heck, everything in Hollywood is pricey!!) but if you are on a budget and still wants to go, just collect flyers that they give out. We saved 20 bucks on our tickets. 🙂

Some pictures from Hollywood baby!!


This first picture in Los Angeles!! Short pants, tank tops and pumps coz this ain’t Indiana anymore!! LOL


There’ll be A LOT of people in costumes and when you take pics with them, they expect you to tip them although they didn’t mention it at first. I didn’t know that. But I learned my lesson 😉


Lunch at Japanese restaurant with my love! PS: That’s a size 4 pants. Just sayin 😉


Kata Valentine’s Day kan, so harus tampal setempek muka laki ai.


Setempek lagik. This was taken at Chinese Theater. This place is jam packed with people!


With Vin Diesel in MT!

We took bunches of pics in MT and to us personally, Lady Gaga look so real! I was disappointed coz they removed Britney Spears from the gallery and I am Britney’s fans for such a long time now!

And if you were wondering why I wear two different shirts, I planned it that way lol. I brought extra shirt with me just in case I sweat so much. I can be such a hassle sometimes but I’m the one carrying my own shit- so STFU. 🙂


I also love Christina Aguilera!! :)))

There are so many stars on the star walk(and so many people too) so there’s no way I could capture all stars that I love. Sobs. I found Olivia Newton John for my parents, Aguilera for myself and Ricky Martin for another good friend of mine in Kuching. That’s all.

Like I said, we didn’t go to a lot of touristy places coz 70% of our time there was spent on shopping. We went to Fredericks of Hollywood(yay finally got to go to their store in Hollywood itself!!!!), Zara, Sephora(harus ok!! And it’s huge!!), Guess, Bebe(didn’t buy anything here coz I no like the dresses) and some souvenir shops like Hard Rock Café.


My Zara dress and Guess heels! Love these two together coz the dress is just so elegant! Who’s getting married soon? Come and invite me so I can play dress up!!! The material is so thick that you wouldn’t need a bra to wear this dress. Super love!!

Tax is Los Angeles is 9% so it is quite pricey considering the items are pricey as well. I wouldn’t mind high price but low tax but I don’t rule this country, so bayar jak lah. Bukan selalu kan. But 9% is actually cheaper than Downtown Chicago- 9.5%. Syukur lah. 🙂

Alright, I think that’s about it for our Day 1 in Los Angeles! Traffic jam sucks so please plan well ahead before leaving your hotel.

Last but not least, thank you Mr. Husband for taking me here for Valentine’s Day. I loved it so much!!!

Day 2 entry coming soon!!