The Eyeliner Showdown

Hey guys.

I have no talent or skills when it comes to make up so I only have four things that I use on a daily basis. And they are all very important to me. So please dont ask me to pick which one I couldn’t live without. Haha!

Oh if you were curious of the three things that I use on a daily basis, they are: eye brow definer, tinted moisturizer, liquid lipstick and eyeliner. And today we are going to talk about the eyeliners!

I am always on the hunt for an awesome eyeliner especially from the price point and how long it will last.

These are the eyeliners I have been using lately. Mind you, I wear them to the gym as well so that’s about 1.5 – 2 hours of sweating. Here you go!

1- Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon EyelinerΒ 

Woah!! That’s a mouthful. Haha! And as I was typing it, I was wondering if this was a crayon or a gel eyeliner. Sorry, I ain’t a makeup expert. But I know they are gel, crayon and liquid eyeliners right? Maybe this Marc Jacobs’s eyeliner is both? Like 2 in 1?

To be honest, I got this as a birthday gift from Sephora Birthday gift last year and guess what? I freakin love this! This lasts the whole day you guys! Yes, even when i go to the gym and get on the Stairmaster for 50 minutes! This wont budge until you clean your face! You can check the product out here :Β Marc Jacobs

It has 3 different finishes and a lot of colours to choose from too! This is my ultimate favourite and thanks to Sephora’s awesome birthday gift, I have discovered this! If you haven’t done so, please enroll in Sephora’s Beauty Rewards and you get to collect awesome birthday gift!

Verdict: I highly recommend this! πŸ™‚

2- Chanel Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer

Okay I purchased this about a year of two ago so I dont remember where I got it from. Most probably in Neiman Marcus in St Louis. Sadly guys, I paid the most for this and it’s kind of a let down. I know everyone’s eyelids are different and mine can be oily and this doesnt sit well at all on my eyelids. It can get everywhere and fades very quickly too. You can check the product here:Β Chanel

It comes with a sharpener (perhaps that’s why it’s expensive. You get a Chanel sharpener LOL) and oh, at the end of the crayon there’s a smudge tip applicator.

Verdict: I do not recommend this. 😦

3- Urban Decay Perversion All Nighter Eyeliner

I can’t find this on the website you guys! It must have been an old style because I bought this from Nordstrom Rack. Funny, my left eyelid still had the eyeliner but it’s a mess on my right eyelid. So I don’t know how to feel about this. It’s the least priced amongst all three but what I dont like about it is it’s a retractable version. I prefer the ones that you can sharpen. Sorry I couldn’t find any link to this online. Not even on Nordstrom Rack website. Boo.

Verdict: I do not recommend this. 😦

So there you go guys! I might be a bit harsh with the verdicts but hey, I only have a few items that I can judge for my lack of skills and knowledge when it comes to makeup. I hope this post will help you to decide on which high end eyeliner to get next time because I know the pain of trying make up stuff and they don’t work as good as you’d like them to.

Thanks for reading you guys and if you have any favourite eyeliner that you think I should try, comment below and let me know!

Take care.



Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil Review

Hello everyone!

Kicking off my first comeback with a beauty review and this time it is the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil. It is priced at 32$ for 180ml.



I picked this up in Sephora at Downtown Disney District in Anaheim about two weeks ago and have fallen madly in love with it ever since.

This is actually the first time i use oil as my cleanser and when I first tried it and was happy with the outcome, I asked myself why didnt I start sooner?

Ok since I was traveling at the time, I suddenly remembered that this oil could spill in my bag! But fret not you guys, the pump has open and closed system AND you dont have to pump out the oil to get the pump to close just like the Clinique’s cleanser I’ve been using! AMAZING! That alone got 2 stars from me!

The bottle doesn’t say what the ingredients are but I suppose I can google it and put it here for all of us.

From Sephora website:


6 oz/ 180 mL

-Organic Argan Oil: Repairs and replenishes skin cells.
-Grape Seed Oil: Aids in improving elasticity to the skin.Β 
-Grapefruit Oil: Energizes and awakens the skin.

Hellanthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed oil, Polysorbate-80, Polysorbate-20, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Arganla Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, Citrus Grandis (Pomelo Grapefruit) Seed Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Tocopherol (Antioxident), Sucralose.

Instruction on the bottle says:

“Rub 3 to 4 pumps into dry hands and apply evenly over dry face. Wet face and massage into a rich milk. Rinse thoroughly with water.”

Personally, 3 to 4 pumps is way too much for me. On days that I dont wear full make up (just eyeliner and Coloupop liquid lipstick), 1.5 pumps is enough for me and on days I wear full make up (mascara, foundation, concealer and the works), i use about 2 to 3 pumps. This is when you use your own judgement to use the product. And yes, this cleansing oil is really good at removing make up!

I love the simplicity of this product. Did you know that this cleansing oil cleans my face so good that I have been skipping toner and that alone saved 2 products. Toner and cotton pads!

I have tried to clean my face with toner after washing my face with the cleansing oil and guess what? I only had very little of dirt left. The fact that I save more money and time for skipping toner is just brilliant. 2 more stars for that! πŸ˜€

Since we have been racking up 4 stars, I’m going to give it one more star for being gentle on the skin. I have very sensitive skin and this never hurts my face. I dont feel any tightness after washing my face with this. ❀

5 stars you guys! Head on to Sephora and get yourself some and if I haven’t been convincing enough, get a sample and try it for yourself. I am going to leave a link to it here so you can check it out.

Thanks for reading guys! Have an awesome week!


Adele 25

OMG! Have you guys listened to the album yet? It’s fantastic! Several of my favorites are Hello, Million Years Ago, Remedy and All I Ask! But all her Β other songs on that album are great!

You see, I dont usually the type of person that buys songs or albums (especially albums) but I took the risk to buy Adele’s 25 and prayed hard I’d like the album. Haha! Thank God I love it!!

Some people would be asking themselves “Why so serious? It’s a freaking album. It doesnt cost more than 15 bucks bla bla bla.”

That’s just me.

I am very calculative when it comes to me spending for myself. I dont have problems spending money on other people tho.


I’m serious.

Coz I know when I spend money on other people, no matter how small i.e: lunch), they’d be happy! I love making people happy! However, before spending money on something for me, I ALWAYS have to question myself, “Will I be happy with this thing?” “What if it’s not good?”.


I’ve always been so hard on myself, trust me.

So anyways, if you havent got the album yourself, go get it and lets be in mellow mood and think about all our life decisions.

And oh, if you are terrible like me too, listen to her previous album and let Adele herself decide for you. πŸ˜€ That’s what I did. I listened to her 21 album and I was so surprised I was enjoying myself again listening to her last album. On repeat 3 times ok. :/

Trust me, after too much of rock songs, Adele’s songs are extremely relaxing.

Much love.

LUSH Mask of Magnaminty Reviews

Hey guys!

Welcome to another Lush review from me. This time it is the Lush Mask of Magnaminty Body and Face Mask – Self Preserving.

I believe they are two kinds of Mask of Magnaminty but I am going to review on the self preserving one today coz that’s the one I bought.

I have been a loyal customer of Lush for their face mask. When I first started I just bought the Fresh Face Mask and after months of buying them, I realized that I didnt actually have enough time (or maybe face space?) to finish them all before they expire. I am not fussy but when the masks are expired, they tend to be so dry and I dont like that at all. The fresh masks can be kept about a month I think. Even with me putting the mask on my face twice a week, I was not able to finish them and they had to be thrown out. :/ Expect I keep the container to return back to Lush. Hehe

I went ahead to the store one day and asked if they have a longer life shelving mask products and the lady said “Of course!” and introduced me to the Mask of Magnaminty. We spoke about my skin condition, which is sensitive, dry and dull and she said I was okay to use it. Unlike the Fresh Mask lines, I do not have to put this mask in the fridge. But I guess it wont hurt to put it in there for extra cooling sensation. πŸ™‚

My verdict – It’s the bomb! I love this mask as it never hurt my skin (although you’ll feel a bit of tingling but it goes away so quickly) and leaves my skin bright and clear.

The smell is a bit tricky- it’s either you love it or you dont.

It’s a bit messy to work with but it’s fine. I like putting this on my face in the morning before I shower so I can just clean my face while I’m in the shower and not mess with my sink.

It also scrubs your face when you are cleaning it so I would not do any scrubbing before or after this face mask.

Price wise, I think it’s okay for a Lush product. Especially when you can use it on your body as well and can keep it for 5 months. I bought a small pot coz it’s just me using it. Hubs doesnt like to put things on his face, stay quiet and not be able to make silly remarks to me. Surprise surprise! :O

Mask of Magnaminty - Self Preserving

Mask of Magnaminty – Self Preserving

When I have my mask on

When I have my mask on

I just have a thin layer of the mask on my face and you can see tiny bit of the aduki beans that will help with scrubbing. I usually leave it on for 15- 20 mins once or twice a week. And yes, I would definitely purchase this product again. πŸ™‚

I hope you would find my review helpful. You can of course, head to :—Self-Preserving/9999905177,en_US,pd.html

for more information on the product.

Have a great week ahead guys!

Much love.

Bodybuilding 12 week Jamie Eason Reviews

Hello all,

I am proud to say I have finished Bodybuilding 12 week Jamie Eason’s program.


To be honest, this is not my first 12 week program. I started with Kayla Itsines and finished that, rested a little bit (more like going to Malaysia to visit my family for a month LOL), started a new one (Kris Gethin’s) and ended up with Jamie Eason’s.

First of all, I liked Kayla’s program but man, the workouts were so intense I get hungry ALL THE TIME. I might do her program again in the future though coz her program is really good for toning.

Secondly, I went through Kris Gethin’s program half way coz my thighs have gotten really muscular and bigger! I was so stressed out about my big thighs ( I couldn’t fit in my jeans :/ ) I decided to drop his program and search for new one.

Then I found Jamie Eason’s.

Her program started out easy at first then half way through, training takes up 6 days a week. Some weeks I REALLY look forward to rest days and some weeks I just wanna keep pumping the irons. πŸ™‚

So okay, back to business. I’m happy to report my body responded well to Jamie’s program. I have toned legs now and they are shaping nicely. My problems have always been with my thighs. I might continue with her legs workout while looking for new program to work with. Because of her programs, my legs have gone through dramatic changes. Thank you, Jamie.

Anyways, if you are new to fitness or even have been working out but are bored with your regime, I highly recommend you to browse through and find the perfect workout for you to try. And once you have picked a program, you can register and download Body Space to your phone. I really love the app coz you can track your workouts on it and one brilliant thing I love is BodySpace will send you recaps of your week.

As for now, I think I will be doing some cardio and Pilates before I start a new 12 week program. I have a lot of stuff to be done before I start a new one. And of course, I will share with you my new workout program.

Much love.

Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner Review

Hello and salam all!

It’s a new week and a new review on my Lush purchases – particularly as mentioned above.

FullSizeRender 13

I went in to Lush 2 weeks ago to browse around and surprise, surprise – I got hooked to the body conditioner!

This is how you use the body conditioner.

Shower and wash your body as usual then rinse. Apply body conditioner all over your body and rinse. Voila!

You get out of shower smelling like roses and moist.

I like to give me a light massage while i rub it all over my body.

I have tried using additional lotion after the Argan Body Conditioner and it gives your skin extra boost. Otherwise, it’s still good without the additional lotion.

I really like the practicality of getting everything done in the shower but sadly tho, this product is on the pricey side and i think I will use it only on special occasions (ie after shaving). One thing tho, it does gives residues in your shower so make sure you have a towel ready to clean your tub with after using the product. I usually have one laying around and just clean it right after. πŸ™‚

Look at how thick it is!

Look at how thick it is!

If you are interested in this product, you can head to Lush and experience it yourself in the store before spending your money on it. Otherwise, if you still need to read more reviews on this product, head over to,en_US,pd.html

Much love.

Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly Review

Hey guys,

Today I’d like to do a review on Lush’s Whoosh Shower Jelly. I bought this shower jelly last weekend from the Lush store after being introduced to it by the ever so lovely SA named Zara.

Yes, I try to remember the names of people I met. πŸ™‚

First off, this jelly is quite tricky to use in the shower. Here are some pictures of it.

FullSizeRender 7

You can use this jelly in two different ways:

A- Slide the whole jelly on your body and rub your skin with your hands.

FullSizeRender 9

Squeeze !!

Squeeze !!

B- Pinch and take a small chunk out and put in on your loofah and work the bubble!

FullSizeRender 8

My favorite way? The first one. Especially after taking the Whoosh out of the fridge. It gives this really cooling sensation. πŸ™‚

Whoosh can be used as shampoo as well and I think it does alright. If you are interested in this product, head over to any Lush store and grab yourself one. I think it would be more fun to use it with kids.

The little kid in me enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

If there’s no Lush anywhere near you, head over to,en_US,pd.html?cm_re=ShowGelJel-_-HPBlk5_-whooshpdp

Much love.