Vacation Proposal Numero Uno!

Adam and I try to go back to Malaysia once a year but unfortunately that won’t be happening this year as we have other plans that required money! LOL. So we have to put that plan off this year and go next year instead.

I usually leave several weeks before him because obviously I have the time and he doesn’t. And since every time we go back he will use up his vacation days, I try to plan for a trip to somewhere else aside from my hometown. We went to Kuching (where me met!), Kota Kinabalu (with my friends), Kuala Lumpur (for work) and Hong Kong (we had a long layover it was so fun!) just last year!

I am still looking for air flight tickets that will allow us to have a long layover on our way back to the States so we could do what we did in Hong Kong last year. I am thinking of Japan this time. We shall see.

So anyways back to the topic. I have three different places that I’d like to visit next year and we’ll talk about that in this post. The location is- CAMBODIA! 

Well this is actually A’s idea.

I have seen a few movies regarding Cambodia and would like to visit Angkor Watt and obviously Phnom Penh. I know I would be so sad when I visit the Killing Fields. Sigh.

I’ve looked around for hotels and they are not too bad. Obviously not as expensive as in California. LOL. We might stay for a week here in Cambodia if we go because I dont want us to rush on our vacation. Duh! That is the worst thing.

Has anyone been to Cambodia before? I know I can read them up from Google searches, Lonely Planet and obviously Trip Advisor but nothing beats personal experiences.




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