Handbag Wishlist 2017

Hello guys!

I don’t have any ideas on what to write so let’s daydream and enjoy my handbag wishlist! I need to be good this year because I totally went overboard with my bag purchases last year. This year I have promised A that I would only buy one hand bag! Gaaaaaa!!

My preference when it comes to handbags is I like them to have many styles as possible (can be crossbody, can be held top handle etc). Most of my bags have these features and they make me feel like I have multiple bags because of these purposes. Of course I wish to have all the beautiful handbags in the world but in my world, it is not realistic because I dont go out as much and I would hate to have my bags sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Already doing that so I am guilty as charged.

I am by no mean, rich. A spoils me by buying me some designer handbags over the years because he appreciates what I do at home. I try to find good deals when I can (like the secondary market or sale) because I hate to be in heavy debt because of handbags. So shallow kan? So here you go guys. These are the handbags that made it to my list this year. I may get one of them. I may not get any but it’s been fun looking around and making this list. I may consider doing this every year to see if my style and taste change. We’ll see.

1- Chanel Classic Handbag

Like how can one start a handbag wish list without listing a Chanel is beyond me! I have no Chanel as of yet but I would love to have one in my collection! It is just so classic and beautiful. I’ve touched it you guys! THRICE! HAHA! One’s at the store, second is a friend’s and one belongs to my cousin. I would like to have one in black of course!

I know it is impossible for me to buy this brand new from the store because of the ridiculous price so I might get it (hopefully) from a secondary market. Hopefully I will get lucky to get one at an awesome price and great condition. #PleaseMakeOneOfTheRichGirlsBeBrokeSheNeedsToSellHerChanels

2- Saint Laurent Classic Collège Monogram Saint Laurent

Gaaaaaaa! I’ve known YSL as a brand for while but I have never considered their handbags before until I saw them at Barney’s New York store in San Francisco last year! Oh my! What a beauty!

3- Louis Vuitton Capucines PM

You guys! This bag is just so elegant. So beautiful. I love the gold against the black! If I was a professional career woman, I could see myself rocking this!

4- Louis Vuitton Petit Noé

I have always loved a bucket bag but I never had one! Would be cool to have one in my collection.

Alright guys. I shall leave you guys here as it is getting harder to pick which bag should be on the list! (And I’m drooling!! Can I blame you guys if I accidentally place an order tonight??). Please let me know if you have any handbag wishlist like me because I would love to know what’s in yours!

Take care.



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