Teavana Haul

Hi, I am back!

And I have sad news to tell you.



I was not well for few days past several weeks and as most of my family and friends know, I have severe gastric and acid reflux problem.

I know coffee is horrible for me. Like I can feel my tummy churn when I drink it but I just waved it off. Until I thought I was going to burp but I actually vomited.

Euw. .

It happened a couple times a day for 3 days and I got so fed up and finally admitted it’s the coffee that made me sick.

Let me tell you, my days without coffee were horrible. I had to take naps and I dont like it at all. So A and I turned to Teavana to test out their tea and we got hooked on them. 🙂

We bought three different types of tea, several tea tins and also an infuser mug for me. 🙂


The tins are so cute aren’t they? But the best part is they were all on sale. So instead of paying full price for all the tins and mugs, we got them at a great discount. 30-50%.

The ones with the hearts were from their Valentine’s Day collection so they were both 50% off and I only had to pay about 20$ for both. The original price for the infuser mug alone is 24.95$. 🙂

Here’s a close up to my infuser mug with my loose tea in it.



And these are the three types of tea that we picked up:


Rev Up and Strawberry Slender have strong caffeine level compared to the Winterberry and A and I plan to drink those in the morning. I dont usually take a lot of sugar in my diet (now that I have to stop coffee, no more coffee creamer for me boo) so I love my tea to be fruity.

Here are some descriptions of the teas from Teavana website:

WINTERBERRY (Price: 9.98$ per 2 oz)

Tasting note:

Sweet strawberry with delicate yet zingy pink grapefruit and citrus lemon balanced with hibiscus.


Apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, rose hip peels, lemongrass, orange peel, strawberry pieces, Xue Long green tea, orange slices, natural flavor, marigold petals, apple pieces (apple, citric acid), citric acid.


REV UP WELLNESS TEA (Price: 12.50$ per 2 oz)

Tasting notes:
Mango, with flavors of peach & apricot balanced with a blend of muscatel Darjeeling black tea, floral jasmine green & high quality Chinese oolong.

Black tea, oolong tea, apple pieces, green tea, candied mango pieces (mango, sugar, citric acid), natural flavor, mango chips (mango, rice flour), mango pieces, passion fruit pieces (passion fruit juice puree, banana puree), marigold petals.



Tasting notes:

Full bodied infusion of bold pu-erh and sweet strawberry undertones.


Pu-erh black tea, strawberry pieces, artificial flavoring. <— I just saw that they have artificial flavoring for this loose tea. Have I known it, I wouldn’t buy it. I was just assuming that all Teavana teas were all natural. 


So there we go. I’m so glad I went through the ingredients with you because I just realized that they have artificial flavoring too in their tea. Meh. But that’s okay, I suppose. Adam can take it to work LOL.

To be honest, my most favourite tea is the Winterberry. It smells soooooo nice, so fruity and it tastes great as well! It’s such a treat each time I drink it.

One last thing guys, since Starbucks has acquired Teavana, you can also pay for your Teavana purchases using your Starbucks card and rack up stars! Go check out your local Teavana stores for some tea (they always have tea for samples yay!) and tell me which is your favorite!

Thanks for reading guys. Have a wonderful the rest of your week!

Much love.


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