Every year, A and I head our way to Ikea for our annual home shopping trip. We usually set up a budget of $300 to be spent on home each year and let me tell you, it is easy to spend that amount of money in Ikea!

This year is no different so I’d like to share with you guys what we usually get on our yearly Ikea trip.

  1. Sheets – We usually buy one every year because we didn’t have a big collection to start with when we got married in 2013. We have tried few different materials and my ultimate favorite has always been the cotton ones. But be careful coz some of the cotton materials are very cheap and they collect hair, dust etc and I hate that. So don’t be too cheap like me by getting the 16.99$ one and expect to use it for several years. Spend a little more and you get the best quality of cotton. We bought SKOGSNARV sheet set last year and the wear has been amazing. However, I would prefer to use this in colder months coz the material is quite thick and I always find myself sweating if I use this in summer time. It is 100% cotton but the cotton is very thick. (Am I making sense here? LOL). You can view the one I like here: Sheets
  2. Duvet cover – We dont but duvet cover every year but we buy it every two years. So basically we only have 2 sets of duvet covers LOL. If I still have room of budget, I might get it this year. Otherwise, it wouldn’t matter. You can view the ones I want here: Duvet 1Duvet 2 ( Both duvet covers we have at home are white so I might not get this), Duvet 3
  3. Towels – I LOVE Ikea towels. I think they are just light weighted and absorbs water very well. And most importantly they dont leave residue on your body. You know some towels will leave a bit of the material on your skin and I dont like it. We have bought a lot of towels over the years from Ikea so we might skip towels this year! Yay! More budget room for other things! You can view the item here: Towels
  4. KULLEN 2 Drawer Chest – That I will use for my night stand. We bought one about 2-3 years ago because A didnt want one. And we have switched bed sides and he has my nightstand and I dont have any. I like a nightstand with drawers because God knows how much I love to keep EVERYTHING by me! 😀 You can view the item here: Night Stand. But I’d also like to get this one White Night Stand just coz it’s white! 😀
  5. Chest of Drawers – Ok obviously we dont get this every year but we have bought 2 entertainment centres from Ikea and I am thinking of getting one more to change out with the one we have in the bedroom. I am torn between these two styles – Style 1 and Style 2. If I have one of this chest of drawers, I can put my TV on it and put all the junks that I have on the entertainment centre in the drawers. Ha!

So there you go. That’s the list of things that we usually get on our yearly trip to Ikea. Except for num 4 and 5. We dont usually buy furnitures every year 😂

Have a good rest of your week and speak to you soon. 

Much love. 



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