Getting There!

Hello all! Happy Friday! 🙂

How are we on this chilly day? Bakersfield is surprisingly cold! But I have been told that this would be the coldest it could get. And guess what? No snow! Thank God! Oh, I am also thankful that the sun is always out shining. So that’s good.

As you all know, we had 4 weeks before we move to California so we had to cancel our gym memberships. Two weeks in FW without gym then another 2 weeks of traveling and staying in a hotel with no gym too and bad bad food choices = weight gain!

After we signed on our lease, we went ahead and get our gym membership. It was unfortunately quite far from our hotel and A had really busy week so we didnt get to go as regularly as we wished.

We only started going after we moved in and it took awhile to get back to fitness. I am happy to report I am back to being healthy again and started to tone my body.

We freaking love our new gym coz it’s big, clean and new! Everyone has been nice and I like the fact that our gym has a hot tub, sauna, steam room and a VIP lounge where you can tan and have hydro massage.

I am not following any programs at the moment because we’d be doing some traveling soon and I’d hate to miss on my workouts. Ha! So anyways, I have been approached by a trainer last Monday night and he offered to give me a free session. I opted for shadow boxing (he does that too so yay!). I never had a proper shadow boxing training before. Nothing like that so I’m very excited to go this Saturday! I am also freaking out a little bit coz I know I would look like an idiot doing it. Ahh. The cons of being clumsy. 😦

So anyways guys, I’m going to leave now. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! What are your plans for the weekend?

Much love.


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