Why Is It Addictive?

Hello everyone!

Finally it’s Friday! Yay! It’s been a long week for me. I know some people would be, “Hey, you stay at home. Everyday is the same with you. You can relax anytime you want. You dont have to get up early, drive, be stuck in the jam, face your boss, bla bla bla”

NOPE. It is not the same.

This week particularly has been exhausting. I unpacked and cleared the home office for A yesterday, which makes him very happy coz now his shoes are in place, his shirts are ironed, his books are all sitting nicely on the shelf.

When A had to stay home for a day (or two) two years ago due to bad snow days, he was bored to death. He was anxious coz we couldn’t get out and just being in the apartment was just too much for him on weekdays. He said to me “How do you do this? How do you stay at home and still dont lose your sanity?”

It was really awkward and lonesome for me when I first arrived here to be with him. When I was in Malaysia, I was working and still living with my parents and three brothers. My grandma lived with my aunt and cousins just 5 minutes away, my family from the village regularly came over and spent the night at our home. My home in Malaysia was never quiet.

I told A straight up.

“I cried when you were gone.”

He hugged me then offered to let me work when all my paperworks are done. We talked about it again after my paperworks are done and he told me that he’d prefer me to stay at home instead of work. Such a sweetheart. He said he loves coming home to me, at any time of the day. He loves not having schedule clash when he wants to travels and do something. So I stayed home for his sake. And of course, for the love I have for him. 🙂

Okay enough with the sappy story.

What I was gonna write today is about Louis Vuitton!

Why are the bags so beautiful?

Why are they so addictive?!

I’ve seen people carry LVs around before, I liked them and then I moved on.

This addiction started last May and it still hasnt gone away.

My first high end purchase was my Prada for my birthday last year. I still love it but man, it’s hard to carry it because of the leather. It will definitely be ruined if I carry it on rainy days and since we lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana before, the weather was just unpredictable.

On days I wished to carry my Prada, I had to look up the weather to make sure it wont rain or snow that day. So I have made a mental note not to buy a sensitive leather bag on my next purchase.

With my first Louis Vuitton purchase, let’s just say I had the opportunity to own it. It was pre loved from a consignment store in town and since it would be my first Louis Vuitton bag, I would not mind buying it preloved. Clearly I learned my lessons from my Prada bag not being practical. :/

My first Louis Vuitton purchase is the Popincourt Haut bag. And that’s when my love for LV started. It’s so easy to carry and not have to worry so much about the bag. Well of course I would have to care for the vachetta leather trimming and all but at least I dont have to worry about the WHOLE bag, like my Prada.

Ever since that, I have been following the consignment store’s Instagram account like a hawk. I found several more pieces from the same consignment store and happily scooped those babies out from their inventory. 🙂

And right now, as I’m writing this, I am praying that my package arrives today before I leave for an afternoon out with A’s team downtown. Yes, that package contains another Louis Vuitton piece to be added to my collection. 🙂 My birthday is coming up guys! And since we’d be traveling on my birthday, A prefers to just buy it for me now. It is also my Christmas present, so yeah! It’s justified. 🙂

I dont know if I should put pictures of my babies on this post. I’m just too lazy to move my fat ass around to get them and snap pictures of them. But if I dont do that, my blog post would be so empty. I like seeing pictures on blog posts.

Okay here goes. I decided to get up and take snap shots for you guys. 🙂

My first high end baby - Prada.

My first high end baby – Prada.

Holding her with the handles

Holding her with the handles

Wearing her with a strap.

Wearing her with a strap.

My first LV - Popincourt Haut

My first LV – Popincourt Haut in Monogram

Adjustable straps

Adjustable straps

on shoulder

on shoulder

Tribeca Long and International Wallet in Damier Ibene

Tribeca Long and International Wallet both in Damier Ebene

My Tribeca still has its sticker on

My Tribeca still has its sticker on

Crook of my arm

Crook of my arm

On my shoulder

On my shoulder

International wallet

International wallet

Key pouch in Monogram

Key pouch in Monogram

There you go guys. Those are my high end purchases. Take note that A bought me the Prada for my 27th birthday and the Popincourt Haut for a dare. LOL. (He wouldnt think I’d do it but I freaking did! In your face, A!!) The three other pieces are all on my own dime. And please take note that all my Louis Vuitton purchases were bought from a consignment store in Fort Wayne and as you can see most of the items are still in great condition when I bought them. So it is my duty to take good care of them too. 🙂

I think consignment stores are great to score high end pieces without breaking the bank. I am still waiting for my package to arrive so I would have to do that piece on the next post.

Guess which pattern I’m getting next? 🙂

Much love and have a great weekend.


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