Moving Story Part 3

Hello people!

This is going good guys! I am updating my blog regularly now! 🙂 Well, I think I hit this ‘wake up call’ coz whenever the blogs that I follow are not updated, I feel really sad coz that means I dont have things to read before bed. LOL.

It’s not that I dont have other reading materials. I just bought a book by Ellen DeGeneres two nights ago, actually. I just like to read on my phone til I fall asleep. Teehee.

Okays, back to our moving story series. We left Oklahoma and headed to Texas! We had to stop for gas and toilet break. And since it was a really long highway, we didnt know if we’d find more gas stations. So we stopped at this little gas station and up til today, I am still bummed I didn’t have my phone with me!

The toilet was so cool! The stalls were wooden and the upper side of the stalls were like zink. I thought it was cool coz I’m in the freaking USA and I wouldnt be too ‘sakai’ if I stumble this toilet in my kampong. 😉

The cats were still doing great. They prefer to be in the carriers with the front opening down. So cute! Some times they come over to the front seat to sit with me (read : Kitty). Clinton is just too hyper active to sit still on my lap.

Kitty in his carrier, looking so cool.

Kitty in his carrier, looking so cool.

Decided to sit with his mum

Decided to sit with his mum

We drove through Texas and New Mexico on Thursday guys. Since we hit mountain time, we just kept driving and guess where we ended up in?

Flagstaff, Arizona!

That was a long drive when you include toilet breaks, gas station and food stops. Eeeks!

So again, we stayed in a La Quinta hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona and sadly, the room we were in was not nice at all. It was old and smelly. Like really smelly. And I have no freaking idea why they put us in a disabled room. I held a normal room not the one with assistance!!!!

I was not happy with the room guys. But since we already took our stuff out of the car, we just had to suck it up. Thank God, it was only for a night. I couldnt wait to get started the next day!

To be continued…


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