Moving Story Part 1

Hello beautiful people.

I am sitting in my bed in my hotel room, legs crossed and Netflix playing on the background. I’m just watching (or rather listening) to a documentary. The cats are in the living room now. Probably sleeping. A went to work this morning, it’s only 10:46 am now but I miss him already!

Hey, did you know I was trying to order lunch and only realized it was only 9:32 am? I was starving earlier ! I dranks 2 bottles of water and had a Fage yogurt this morning. Those are not enough. 😦 I need my home now, please!

Okay, back to the story. We got our stuff packed last Monday, October 26th 2015. The guys came in about 9 AM and were only done at 5 PM. I guess we had a lot of stuff to pack, eh? The cats were in the carriers on and off. The reason being was I did not want them to run off when the door was wide open.

Apart from feeling sad and stressed that day, my friends popped by to see us before we left. These are my families when I was living in Fort Wayne and I am grateful for each and every one of them. Thank you, for being awesome.

D, Z, AC and Z.

D, Z, AC and Z.

D, A,AC and Z.

D, A,AC and Z.

D, L and moi.

D, L and moi.

Z and A.

Z and A.

That's our trailer. Huge, isn't it! But no worries. There were other families' stuff in there too. ;)

That’s our trailer. Huge, isn’t it! But no worries. There were other families’ stuff in there too. 😉

Taking a break in the guest room. This was where I set up a base camp when I took Clinton home. Sweet memories

Taking a break in the guest room. This was where I set up a base camp when I took Clinton home. Sweet memories

So a little after 5 PM, I did a last walk through just to make sure everything was clean and we didnt leave anything behind. We went to the leasing office to drop all our keys, headed to Starbucks and made our way to Poplar Bluff, Missouri to visit my in laws.

We weren’t sure if we were going to make it coz we already had a late start. It takes about 9-10 hours from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Poplar Bluff, Missouri. That includes stopping for gas and food. We made it at 1 am (Central time, which would be 2 AM EST).

The cats did fantastic during the drive, albeit a lot of the time they wanted to go to the driver’s seat. They did not have any accidents and Kitty even used the mobile toilet ! Yay Kitty! All those little drives definitely paid off. *smugs*

We stayed two nights in Poplar Bluff. I had a good rest. A had a great time with his parents at their farm house. I was having a terrible cramp and migraine and since I didn’t want to be a B, I excused myself and just stayed at the house. So happy I did that coz Kitty and I bonded again. I’m sure he was mad at me for all these moving chaos but that nap was just a beautiful time. 🙂

FullSizeRender 8 IMG_5110 IMG_5124 IMG_5135 IMG_5137 IMG_5139 IMG_5140 IMG_5145 IMG_5149

Hope you enjoyed this post and all our pictures. 🙂

I will update again in the next post. Have a lovely week ahead, guys!


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