Boo boo

Hey guys,

I hope everyone is doing okay. I have been down with flu followed by terrible sinusitis afterwards. Eeeks.

I was in Los Angeles (my last day some more!) when I first got sick last Sunday. Traveling back to Fort Wayne that day was horrible. I felt extremely cold but my body temperature was sky rocketed. So yeah, it was a long 9 hours of traveling. :/

Anyways, I have been back to the gym this afternoon and I think I am recovering. I sneezed blood this morning and yes, I was terrified. Hubs said I’m okay but I had to ask for second opinion. From my friends. HAHA. I am a bit reluctant to go to the doctor because of how ridiculous medical is here in the States. Anyways, my friends said the blood was a good sign of me recovering. Yay!

Anyways, I promise I would write more. I said this so many times now. *Guilty*

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! And stay away from flu bugs!



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