Pre Puasa Update


Thought I’d drop by and give you update on my pre-Ramadhan fasting.

I stayed up til 0400 hours last night and woke up at about noon.

I felt thirsty and had the urge to smoke but I went ahead and jump in the shower and ran errands.

I kept myself pretty busy all afternoon but at 1700 hours, my feet were getting cold (it was a warm day today) and felt light headed. I went ahead to bed to rest up but to no avail.

So I had to break my fast before my body shuts down. Yeah, my body shuts down when I have my gastric attack. I had that one time when the husband was at work. Not a pretty situation. :/

After breaking fast I felt slightly better but still had to lay in bed.

I dozed off apparently and am still having a terrible migraine. I might have to take my migraine pill to make the pain go away. 😦

All in all, I didnt feel much of hunger but thirsty. I will try again, prolly this weekend and see how I feel.

Here are a couple of pictures of Clinton from last night. He stayed with me until it was time for me to go to bed. 🙂

"It's okay mama. I'm here."

“It’s okay mama. I’m here.”






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