Happy 1st Birthday, Clinton!


Here is our birthday boy today!

Happy birthday, lil one!

It’s been such a joy having you in my life and I look forward to more birthdays in years to come.

Even if it means scooping more poop, petting you in the middle of the night and play laser with you!

I hope you liked your special birthday treat (Kitty has finished it, sorry) and your new laser!

I’ll blow you bubble today, sweetheart!

And I’ll tell the world more about you.

10 Facts about Clinton:

1- Prefers dry treats instead of wet food.

2- Makes A LOT of noise!

3- Loves watching the birds. Even makes sounds when excited.

4- Loves wands and laser chasing.

5- Not afraid of bath. Thank God!!!

6- Smells sooooo good!

7- Will always grunts when disturbed while sleeping (too cute!!)

8- Loves to lick daddy’s head, mommy’d hands and face!

9- Runs real fast

10- Very friendly!

Here are more pictures of the birthday boy and his mommy!

FullSizeRender 2



Proud Mommy.


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