When the sun is out… & Groove Book


The sun is always so shy to show itself here in Ft Wayne, IN.


Hubs and I felt like sprinting that day and my, my… I am an old woman now!

(I kept telling hubs I’m 27 going 50. Watch what you’re saying!!)

My right knee started to hurt on our way home and the pain still comes and go still. 😦

So on our way home I casually asked the husband to take pictures of me hehe. I’ll tell you why later ok!

No, I’m not a selfie addict. *in denial*

Here are more pictures from our run that day.


Star jump! Hubs is a great photographer. I only had to jump once and he got it! Weee!


Asking for my phone back from le husband. Btw I love my little running pouch. It fits my iPhone 6 but doesnt fit my set of keys. I know right? I’m too much. 

If you were wondering about my choices of clothing that day, yes, I purposely chose to wear pink. LOL.

I have a pink Nike pants too but i thought it was too much pink and I didnt think a lot of people would appreciate that.

Here’s a picture of le husband and uh huh, I’m a great photographer too. I’m so proud of myself.


Yes, we were thrilled for the sun! 

I need(ehem) to take lots of pictures because I am now committed to GrooveBook! It’s an app where you subscribed on monthly basis to get your pictures developed. It’s 2.99$ per month and I just received my first Groove book yesterday.

I am very happy with the quality of the pictures and I already sent in my new order last night! I’m almost done with my new order for May too. Excited!!

Thanks D for introducing the app to me! I love it!


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