Still Alive.

Salam and hello guys,

Sorry it has been wayyyy too long. I have been slammed with lots of things to do the past several months.

I should probably buy a new wireless keyboard so it would be easier for me to post things on here. Right now I am using le hubs laptop and to my surprise it didn’t give me any problem this morning. Yippie!

So updates:

1- I spent roughly a month in South East Asia! Yes, I went home to see my friends and families! You’d think a month is a long time, it’s actually not. :/ I had a list of food that I’d thought I would tackle and indulge, but I don’t think I even went through half of the list. 😦 I promise I will try harder next time! (Kinda hard tho coz all food in Malaysia is yummyyy!)

I will try to share some of the pictures on here soon ya. Le hubs came to Malaysia two weeks after I arrived so he wont be in most pictures. Ahaks! Sorry my love. :*

2- While I was gone, Clinton had respiratory infection and luckily le hubs got him to the vet in time before the infection spreads. Thanks love. I would not do what to do if he was left with the infection. I’d be devastated coming home to a sick baby. Oh Clinton is a 10 pounder now! Wow. He’s not even a year old yet! I’m telling you, he’s grown big! You should see the look on my face when I saw him for the first time after a month being away from him. O.O Haha!

3- A good friend of mine took care of the babies while we were gone, so thank you so much D. We really appreciate it. :,)

4- Since I have been spending good 28 days in the sun and warm climate, coming home to Fort Wayne sucks big time. It was still cold when we came back and I hated it so much. I didn’t get to go out for about a week and fell into depression. Ugh.

So anyways, I’m gonna have to stop here coz it is lunch time, baby!

I hope you guys have a great start to this week but even if you had a bad start, the week will get better, I promise you. Smile and the world is yours!

Much love,



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