Tick tock tick tock

Hello and salam everyone,

It’s Monday, hubs is at work and i have to make my own breakfast today. Sobs. He’s been spoiling me rotten! 😘😘😘


Hubs made me hot chocolate and pancakes with blueberries last Saturday and yesterday he made me hot chocolate and oats! Mmm… Today i’m making oats and hot chocolate myself. No sweat. 😎😎😎

So anyways, I am on a 12 week program now and hopefully will be able to finish it! I am currently doing it with my gym buds so it is definitely much easier doing this with friends! Thanks A & D!

Since our gym days are usually Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and we are incorporating this 12 week challenge, the only day off is gonna be Saturday! We had to switch the program around a little bit. Instead of starting on Monday, we start ours on Sunday.

So here are some of the pictures taken of us starting our week 2! It was a leg day yesterday and man, it was brutal! Lots of sweat! Haha!





It felt so great ending the week with a great workout. Doing it with awesome people gives extra brownie points! 😎😎😎😎

Anyways, i dont think i have a lot to do today. I might go for a run later and declutter the office. It’s my family tradition to declutter our home every end of the year. I love doing it coz it’s always a surprise finding things you’d lost some time somewhere. Lol.

I’m gonna go and eat my breakfast now and y’all have a fantastic week ahead!

Much love.


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