An afternoon in Memphis!

Hey guys!

Hubs and I drove from Poplar Bluff, MO to Memphis, TN on Monday morning. The actual plan was to leave at 9 in the morning but since my eye was hurting, we had to go to the urgent care first.

We finally left at 11 am and all was good.


Hello Memphis!


A cool building.

Since we arrived mid afternoon, it was time to eat so we head to Hard Rock Café. We had the mushroom burger and it was marvelous.


Hola downtown Memphis!


Before our lunch!



That’s Shakira’s actual bra from one of her concerts. Hard to believe ya? 😉

After lunch, we went ahead and head our way to Elvis Presley Graceland. Now, to be brutally honest, before stepping to this place, I didn’t really know a lot of his songs and his history. All I know was he was king of rock and roll. :p

Everything changed after the tour at his Graceland. He was an amazing person, it made sense to me now why he was loved(he is missed by many even in this era!) by many at his time. Rest in peace, Elvis.

Tickets were about 76$ for both me and hubs. We had to wait about 1.5 hours before getting on the bus to go to his house. We killed time by going to his car museum and Las Vegas area. That man loved cars!

Oh btw, I wore my favorite shirt here and a security lady stopped me and said ”You need to take your shirt off before you leave this place. I love your shirt!”

Holy moly, I thought I offended someone with my shirt! I really thought I did! (I was wearing ‘God Save the Queen’ shirt haha).

So anyways, please enjoy some of the pictures I took from our visit to Elvis Presley’s Graceland!


Welcome to Graceland, readers!




Obviously I didn’t take a lot of photos here coz I was actually so moved and focus on my tour. Sorry, I failed. 😦

I hope if you ever go by Memphis, you can swing by and visit the Graceland. It was worth the wait(I really hate waiting). I was not a fan of his, but after the tour, I highly respect this guy and wish he could live longer. 😦

Oh, we didn’t buy any specific souvenir from Graceland coz we thought we’d be spending more in New Orleans. However, we took pictures at the photo booth. 🙂 it was both our first times in the photobooth. yay!

Much love.

P/S: My laptop has been acting up and I am not happy! I told hubs I need a new computer but he said ‘No money, no talk!’. So please bear with me ok!


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