Just a fluffy stranger in your heart!

Hello there,

Mama’s off for the night but I shall take over. 🙂

I am mama’s sweetheart (well, aside from that other human living with us). I am a domestic long hair cat and was adopted by mama a little over a year ago from PetSmart.

Mama just got to the States for about two months and she had been lonely and crying almost everyday coz that other human that lives with us works crazy hours. So on this sweet Sunday afternoon, mama wanted to go to a pet shop just to look at dogs and de-stress. Mama was a dog person. I changed her perception towards us cats. Yay me!

So mama and TOH(that other human) went inside and were told only cats are available for adoption from Pet Smart. Reluctantly she went towards the back of the store to just look at cats. Then she saw fuzzy me, relaxing in my cubicle and she started asking TOH to ask Petsmart staff if I was available.

She thought I was pending for adoption (hello, have you not seen me? Oh wait. I shall put some pictures of me later on. Let the suspense kill ya!) and didn’t have high hopes. Then the staff said “He is in fact available! His last potential adoption didn’t come through.” Oh you should have seen her face!! She was thrilled! She asked if I could be let out so she could see if we have chemistry and I was let out. Yay freedom! 🙂


After talking about me with the staff, they left without filling in the forms. They told him they needed to talk about it. :/ I was heartbroken. But, two hours later they came back and sent in their adoption application… FOR ME!!!


It usually takes about a week for adoption process to go through and mama never failed to come and visit me every single day. She said she could not wait to take me home and spoil me! 🙂 *yes, that’s what the ASPCA named me. SMH*

The day finally arrived and mama and TOH had been buying litter box, litter, hair brush, dry food, toys, bed etc for my arrival! I felt so special!! 🙂 And mama had tears in her eyes coz she was so happy she finally has a friend at home. 🙂 You complete me, mama! :*



These are couple of pictures taken on the first night I got home. 🙂 Yes, I was already so comfortable! Mama doesn’t have any other pets at home so it was easy to get comfortable here. It’s just gonna be me, me and only me. 🙂

Time to go to bed…


Ooops. It was a tad bit too small for me. I cant even lay on my back! :/ But I still love it and continue to sleep on it for several months until mama finally forced TOH to get me a bigger bed. Thank you mama :*

Look at my new bed now!


So much bigger and comfortable! 🙂 But I don’t use this bed at night. I like to sometimes just sleep on the floor, sofa, bungalow or sometimes in bed with mama. I only use this bed when I nap in the afternoon. 🙂 Probably coz mama plays music here in the afternoon and at night it is always silence. Me no like. Me like music. Meow!

I sleep just about everywhere guys, everywhere. And I LOVE to lay on my back. It’s so comfy! 🙂





You know cats are always famous with boxes but I never like boxes. Mama got few parcels from her home country and those boxes are big for me but I never like playing with it. Am I weird? But you know what I love? I love the bath tubs! Mama’s bath tub especially! She caught me relaxing in it several times. Teehee.




Do you think I am weird? Well, if you’d like to see more of me, you can follow my mama’s blog coz she usually puts one or two of my pics on it. 🙂 Oh, I have an Instagram too if you’d like to follow me on there. It’s @kittykittybambam

I hope you enjoy reading this post. I am so grateful to have found my mama. She doesn’t know where I came from but she loves me unconditionally. I drove her crazy sometimes (waking her up in the middle of the night, begging for more and more treats, hid while her friends come visit and lots more) but I know she loves me.

She’s always reminded of me whenever she listens  to this song and I am touched.

I love you too mama! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and although I always pull away when you kiss me, I actually do love you. It’s just what cats do. LOL.


And thank you for this plant! I love it, mama!!!

P/S: Just if you’re wondering who TOH was. Here is a picture of me and him.




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