Happy Monday!!

What’s up guys??

It’s Monday and I was feeling like crap this morning but I got up and chose to be a trooper today! 🙂

It’s been so great I got hubs Polo shirts ironed, laundry folded and put away(double YAY!!), got the kitchen cleaned and also cooked for hubs since he decided to come home for lunch with me. 🙂 I am that person that hates eating alone so I think it is very thoughtful of him to come home to have lunch with me whenever he can. Thank you my love! 🙂

So anyways, I have an amazing news to tell. I finally did Freeletics Dione and actually finished it! HOHOHOHO!!! Dione took three attempts for me to take it down but man, that feeling after it went down was incredible! That’s one of the greatest things about fitness- the satisfaction. You don’t have to compete with anyone. Just yourself and I am happy with it!


That’s my personal best for Dione and I shall try to improve my time. It’s me against me! I’ll list the Dione down below (again) if you’d like to try it yourself. 🙂


75 jumping jacks

25 burpees(I hate these!!!)

50 straight leg levers

75 jumping jacks

50 sit ups

25 burpees

Repeat 3 times.

Remember, it took me 3 attempts to get this monster down so don’t feel bad if you give up on your first attempt. It is tough!

photo 1

Hi! That’s me after taking Dione down. LOL. I was exhausted but I slept like a baby that night. 🙂

I wasn’t writing yesterday coz I was spending time with le hubs! 🙂 We spent the morning at home (he got some work to do as well.) and then went to watch The November Man! I liked the movie (probably coz I like spy movies hehe) and there were just 4 of us in the movie theater! And here’s my outfit yesterday!

photo 3

Sunnies: From a gift shop in Mackinac Island.

Crossover mini handbag: Icing

Crop top: Band of Gypsies

Jacket: Forever 21

Skirt and belt: Maurices

Boots: Shi

And my make up for the day:

photo 2

Foundation: Revlon Photo Ready

Mascara: Tarte

Eyeliner: Stila

Eyebrow: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Eye shadow: Urban Decay Naked

Blush: Make Up Forever HD

Lips: Lorac Pro

I hope you like my simple make up and my outfit for movie yesterday. I did feel a little bit like a fashionista LOL. I usually wear something simple but I don’t know what got into me yesterday. 🙂

So anyways, since the gym closed at 7pm yesterday we were rushing to get home to eat, change and hit the gym. We made it on time. Thank God! I hate rushing when I am at the gym. Coz I want my steam room treat dammit! Don’t judge me. Haha! It was definitely chilly yesterday and so happy to be back home again.





Sorry I had to post a lot of picture of me in my gym clothes! I am the happiest when I am in them LOL.

As you guys know, I have gained weight and now I am at my heaviest (60kg) and when I bought this Reebok jersey I was about 56kg. I was pleasantly surprise I can still fit in it! LOL

So this workout outfits are from:

Headband: Forever 21 (I love this and I plan to buy more!)

Top: Reebok

Pants: Guess Los Angeles (OMG guys! I love these pants! I have two of them and they are the best!)

Gym bag: Nike (Adam’s hand-me-down)

Socks: Puma (the best socks too! )

Gloves: Harbinger (I love them too!! I have another set of gloves but I usually wear these)

Wrist brace: Kroger

Headset: Monster

Shoes: Nike Lunar Flyknit

When we got home, hubs requested for ayam rendAng (it kept correcting the word to rending, hence the capital A) for his lunches tomorrow so I made him some. Got his brown rice ready too. He’s such a pwincess, isn’t he?? But he’s my baby and he works hard for us so he deserves all the good things I do for him. 🙂

I have TRX at 8pm tonight so I shall get ready and spend some time with le hubs before going. But oh, here’s a picture of le kitty from last night. 🙂


Enjoy the rest your day peeps!


Much love.


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