Of le kitty

What a crazy busy day.

Hubs is taking a nap on the couch now, enjoying his new Monster headphones. And i am listening to Spotify’s 80’s radio channel. I love the 80s so much sometimes it annoys hubs.

Le kitty is just meowing at me, again, asking for another treat. :/ hubs told me i should limit his wet food to one each day. Sigh. It’s hard to say ‘No’ to that fuzzy face! :/

So we started our day at the bank, settling some matters. I believe it’s with the interest & tax. Hmm. We got that out of the way, with an officer helping us with it. He will help mail it on our behalf too. 🙂

Went back home for lunch (i learned my lesson not to do groceries shopping when hungry) then left for Asian Market! I swear Asian Market is like our church. Lol. We usually go there almost every weekend. The Thai lady that runs the store is very friendly and sweet. Sometimes she throws in free stuff for us. Today she gave us Hup Seng’s crackers. Yay. I couldnt be happier. I shall cook her something next time i go to her store. And oh, i bought some frozen durian today too. Yay!!!!!

She would ask me how to cook some stuff with the things i bought from her store. And i would happily tell her. And that woman loves fashion. I always make sure i wear nice clothes to the store just to please her lol. Hey, i wear nice clothes on the weekends coz i usually wear my sports attire on weekdays. Le hubs gotta see me dress up too. 🙂

So anyways, i got an email from Petsmart last night saying they are having big sale event and since i have to get le kitty’s dry food(he eats the one with hairball formula), litter and of course a new laser(this is way long overdue!) we had to go today. Oh boy, hubs actually bought him dispensable water and food stuff. He is one lucky kitty! And oh, i got him his very own cat grass as well. He’s been climbing on my bathroom counter to munch on my fresh flowers and me no likey. (i know it’s weird i keep my fresh flowers in the bathroom instead of my dining area lol). So kitty got a lot of stuff today and we just finished playing laser. He missed it, i can tell. Poor kitty.




So these are the new stuff le kitty got today. I haven’t seen him drink/eat from his new gadget yet. But soon i hope! Hubs said his water dispenser has filter as well. That’s awesome! And we mix le kitty’s food- salmon & chicken. The chicken one has the hairball formula. 🙂 i also read from a cat’s forum that you shouldn’t put cat’s food and water next to each other. I dont know how true this is but i have been separating them since i read about it. Better be safe than sorry. 🙂





Here are some pictures of the fuzzy ass. He has this arrogant face but he is really the sweetest. We spoke to the guy that has helped us with the adoption last year too and he told us le kitty is the most calm cat he has ever seen. 🙂 i am so happy we got you, little fuzzy! Mmm lemme see if there are more of his pictures on here.





And these are his signature pose! He’ll always be on his back. Even on his first night at home, he was already so comfortable. Whenever we got home from somewhere, he would come to the door to greet us and then he would lay on his back and roll. I thought he was confuse. Coz he acts like a dog instead of a cat. Lol.



Mommy loves you kitty. I want you to grow old with mommy. 🙂

Much love.


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