Care package

That’s right baby! I got care package all the way from Malaysia today from my wonderful mama!

I was so glad I didn’t miss it coz I was going to my car and saw the USPS lady parked next to me, holding the package. I said hi to her and asked if it was for me.

She looked at the box (probably asking herself how to pronounce my name hehe) and asked “Are you *my address*)”.

I squealed and said “That’s me!!!”

It is still hard to believe that the package is already here! She sent it last Monday and it’s already here by noon. Thank you Pos Malaysia! Awesome job! 🙂

photo 1

Happy dance happy dance!!!

Yea, I painted my nails last night while watching The Other Woman. Cameron Diaz made me wanna wear my gold bracelet again but I shall not wear it coz I workout everyday and I don’t want to break it again. Yep, I broke it last time and got it fixed (sauntered). 😀

Here’s what this box has in it!

photo 2

Yay for all of these! Mom sent me 3 of each products.

From left: soy sauce! (I love Kicap Kipas Udang but the bottle is glass and I don’t want my mum to spend extra on those.) I’ll settle with Kicap Kuda Terbang (DONT LAUGH!!!) made in my own hometown! It’s one of the best too. So, yay!

Next up: Adabi’s Sambal Belacan (original).

Mum sent me three but I gave one to Danielle coz she and her husband love this so much! I usually use this sambal belacan when I grill my tilapia. Grill tilapia on your grill and when it was about to cook, spread some of the sambal belacan on it and you get Ikan Bakar! Yummers!

Last but not least: Liza’s Perencah Hitam!

Aside from ayam masak merah, I also love daging masak hitam and seriously, if you wanna make an authentic one in the States, it’s quite hard coz some of the spices are hard to get here. Thank you so much for the brilliant person that came up with the idea to put this together in a small bottle! I don’t know if you could get this in Peninsular Malaysia coz it’s made in Kuching. I know for a fact that Kicap Kuda Terbang (AGAIN, DONT LAUGH) is not sold there. 🙂

Omg I am so happy. Now I can travel without worrying the parcel arriving when I am gone. I shall write about our upcoming trip once we are back. 🙂

We actually went to Cincinnati, Ohio for Eid (I was crying coz I missed home and it was an impromptu trip). Hubs knew me too well and said “Let’s go to Cincinnati so you can shop at the Outlet Mall and Ikea.” FYI, we don’t have Ikea in Indy. 😦

I didn’t take any pictures from that trip coz it was really a short trip. Sorry guys. But I will definitely write on our next travel ok?

Okay, it’s almost 3pm now. I gotta go take a shower and man, Pilates was great and the steam room……. I love it so much! I notice that my skin has improved so much too. Great savings, I don’t even have to go to the spa and fork out ridiculous amount of money. Yay! I swear, the steam room is the only motivation for me to finish my workout. LOL. That works. I’ll take it. 😀

I’m gonna stop here and you guys have a splendid day! Weekend is coming soon guys! I am excited!


Much love.




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