Anniversary Getaway Day Two!

After exploring the Village of Mackinaw City last night, we realized that they have lots of shops selling shirts. Like too much!

We got up at 9 am and lazed around before getting ready for our trip to the Mackinac Island! Since our hotel is just across the pier, we walked to it and got lucky to be able to get on the boat. We were literally the last persons to board the boat! Alhamdulillah. 🙂 The boat trip was 20 mins btw!

And since we didn’t get to have breakfast that morning, we went straight ahead to one of the restaurants there and had brunch. I didn’t finish my burger though so I tapau-ed it so I could eat it again later. Remember I said food in the States is expensive? Yep, I gotta tapau! LOL






Hubs didn’t expect there’d be a Starbuck on Mackinac Island so he bought himself a cup of coffee from a deli. When he saw the Starbucks logo, he chugged his deli coffee so he could buy his coffee from his most fav place on earth. LOL.


We purchased tickets for carriage ride but it was fully booked we had to wait for two hours before we got on one. So we went to the park to just relax and unwind.

Oh, I forgot to mention the most important thing about Mackinac Island. No motor vehicles are allowed on here. So everyone is either walking, horse riding and cycling. I loved it. I thought it was brilliant.



Look at me jumping!!

IMG_3648 IMG_3650

Our time’s up! So here comes our carriage ride tour! 😀 It was so much fun. We changed two carriages and it took us about two hours to explore the island. I loved every bit of it. And both our tour guides were brilliantly funny!



So the pictures follow would be the pictures taken from our carriage tour. Enjoy!


Cute post office!


IMG_3663 IMG_3664

Beautiful little church. When we passed by it the second time, we saw a beautiful bride going in to get married. Oh, she was one lucky woman! We got in to the church after the session was done and enjoyed the quietness. It was hot inside though. :/


So after our tour was done, hubs took me to Grand Hotel! It’s an old building but gorgeous! How old? Since 1887!!

You can read more on this historical hotel here:

If you are not the hotel residents, you’d have to pay 10$ per person just to go inside. And after 6pm, ladies are expected to be wearing dresses/skirts (no pants!!) and gentlemen are expected to wear suits. Talk about fufu huh….

We had tea time here and I loved it. Here are the pictures we took at Grand Hotel Mackinac Island.


Le hubs!!! I love you!!


My view 🙂

IMG_3674 IMG_3675 IMG_3678

Those are the pictures taken from the verandah. Let’s move to the pictures taken at the terrace!




We had such a great time at Mackinac Island it was so sad to leave. I swear I could live here. Haaahhhh….

I am going to compile the third day here as well since I only have a few pictures from Day 3. Day 3 was the day we left Mackinaw City.

IMG_3701 IMG_3702

We had breakfast on a bench by the road side! 😀 And we accidentally wore the same color. Hihi. Starbucks in Mackinaw city was slow though so expect a long line when you get there.

I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed my time there. And sorry for the quality of the pictures. All were taken by my iPhone.

Also, take note that when we checked out, hubs told me the room rates went down half the next weekend. Probably because the school was starting. So anyone wants a good deal, make your reservation the first weekend the school starts. 🙂


Much love.


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