God morgen!!!

That’s the hint of the foreign language I am currently learning. 🙂

I am having my breakfast now and my hamstrings are still sore from Friday night! 😦

So I shall walk it off today. It’s gloomy outside so I might just walk on the treadmill. Sad, sad. I miss being outside, just listening to the birds chirping and yes, the warm weather! Yikes! Le kitty is stuck at home too coz I don’t want him to have running nose when he gets inside. Who else has started using their heater at home??

We started using ours last Saturday night. It’s cold, cold, cold in Indy.


That’s what I am having now. That stuff in the mini cappuccino cup is my immunity booster. Ingredients are kale, lemon juice, ginger root and apple. Blend them away and take one shot(per serving) every morning and enjoy the benefit of it!

So far I have not had any constipation and I haven’t even got sick from the weather change. I don’t know if hubs has been taking this as well. I hope he is! Sneaky guy he is!

I hope you are having a great Monday and of course, wishing you a great week ahead. I shall write some later. I am going to finish my breakfast and then go for a jog. We went last night and I loved it and now wanting more LOL.

Ha det bra!

Oooh that’s another hint! 🙂


Much love.



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