Happy Sunday!

Oh my!

Is it Sunday already??

Someone please make the time slow today! I spent the whole morning sleeping so I wasted some Sunday time already. 😦

But anyways, we had a great day yesterday. We first went to the clubhouse because our apartment complex was hosting an open day and I thought they were having give aways like last year. They did not. So Adam and I went to play pool (Adam won but I still played good) and grabbed a piece of cake to share. Yep, sharing a piece of cake makes us less guilty consuming that sweet, rich, savoring chocolate cake.

Dang it.

We should have been tough, baby!


But we left after the piece of cake and went straight to the mall! Yeehaaaaa! Since I didn’t get to sleep until 3am the night before (and BBW was having a promo on their aromatherapy line), I went ahead and bought me a bottle of Sleep body wash. I tried it last night and ooohhh was awesome! Hubs tried it too and the moment he hit the sack, he was out. So for 5 dollars, that was a great buy!

Then we went to Forever 21 and saw this cool Queen shirt! If you haven’t notice already(maybe you don’t because I never posted pics or write about it on here LOL), I FREAKING LOVE QUEEN!

Hubs got us tickets to watch the Queen Broadway in Chicago last year and I thought that was the best show I’ve ever seen! Don’t mind me, that was the first Broadway show I watched. >.<

Got Queen shirt purchased and head to GNC to get my friend and hubs their supplements and then we had to go to Target and do some groceries for hubs and le kitty. These two are so special we had to get their stuff at Target. FOL.

Oatmeals, nuts and kitty wet food are much cheaper in Target than they are in Kroger. Hence the separate groceries trip. Whatever. Target is just next door by the mall. We were starving already at this point of time but we didn’t want to drive here and there(jimat minyak and masa!) so we just sucked it up and did groceries.

We had Five Guys for late lunch!



The last time I had their burger was months ago so it was worth it!

photo 1


You think we were done? Nope. We went to Ulta next to redeem my points and buy Argan oil!

Cold weather is here already dang it! And the body  lotions from BBW don’t really do the job so I opted for Argan oil. I redeemed my points for Philosophy’s Amazing Grace shampoo/body wash/bubble bath. Three in one gitu, but I will only use it as my shampoo. Smells so divine!!!

I didn’t like it when I first smell it at the store months ago but then I got it in a package that I bought so I tried it 2 weeks ago. My my. That smell! Smells like virginity! So pure. 😀

Adam tried it too and he liked it. Yes, he gets to try whatever I buy. Baru ngam. 🙂

So anyways, we went to Steven’s birthday party last night and played Corn Hole. I freaking loved it!!!! His birthday party was a blast! I had a great time with his family and Ashlee’s. Thanks for inviting us! I think I had over 10 jello shots. Probably over 20. I lost count. LOL.

photo 2

That’s me after a long Saturday. It was a day well spent with my love ones. No regrets!


My beauty purchases this week! I finally tried the Lush Brazened Honey mask last night! Yes, sempat! It was so rich, thick and gave this tingling sensation on my face. At first I was confused if it was burning my face. I got sensitive skin. I rarely change my beauty products. Although I have tried Lush’s Oatflix, Ayesha and the Sacred Truth. All of them never hurt my skin yay! For full options and details, head over to their website at



Hubs got me the massage bar too and this is the second one he got me and it is in the shape of Strawberry! I love the scent and as you can see, I haven’t even use it. LOL. I have different kinds of stuff as my lotion. BBW, massage bar, Argan oil. So many choices but hey, I am a woman and I make my own decisions. Sometimes if I need extra moisturizer and in a rush, I would just slap Argan oil. If I have extra time to spare then I will use my Triple Moisture BBW lotion and Lush Massage Bar. All is good!

Mental note, I need to buy Evian facial spray before winter hits. My skin is already dry as it is and last winter was so harsh on my skin. 😦 So I shall put extra step in moisturizing my skin this winter. I am ready for you, cold weather! Come and get me!

photo 3

Kitty, you wont have any problem coz you are one fuzzy cat! I love you baby.

And your daddy too. 🙂


Much love.

P/S: Still emailing pictures to myself. Sigh. I need to get my laptop and iPhone to work together again! But hey, at least I didn’t use Google on this post. LOL. I need to have some efforts in life.


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