Facial Regime


I just came back from Pilates class about half an hour ago. Got the trash out, mails in and pet le kitty. I had fun doing Pilates today with my girls and Steven. 🙂 fitness classes are always more fun with friends and I am one of the people that will skip classes if my friends are not going. But of course, I would go to the clubhouse and workout myself. A day without workout? Mmmm naa-ah!

I got a lot done this morning. Heck, I got groceries and laundry pick up out of the way before 10 am! I love it. I was eating lunch at 11am! Hahaha! Life without Facebook and Instagram is awesome! Although I have to admit I miss my friends on them. BUT I got to spend a lot of time re-bonding with le kitty.

I have never done a beauty post before so I hope this entry will fall into this respective category.

I try to

a- clean

b- tone

c- moisturize

d- sunscreen

EVERYDAY. However, I fall into the ‘F it. I-don’t-care’ category. 😦

Hubs purchased Clarisonic Mia 2 for my (many) Christmas present last year and I have loved it ever since. I loved it too much I over used it. Sucks. Yea, I was using it twice a day and my skin was suffering. It became so sensitive that all the products that I have been using for the past 3 years irritate my skin. 😦


Don’t get me wrong. Clarisonic is awesome! It cleans your face 6 times better than you washing your face with your hands. Just don’t overuse it and make sure you get the brush head changed every 3 months. 🙂 Yep, when you first buy Clarisonic, it will come with their facial cleanser too and extra brush head. 🙂 Charger and traveling case are in the package too!

I have been using SK II for the past 3 years and they never irritate my skin. I started SK II after seeing my friend’s skin was glowing I had to ask! I actually bought the whole set from mask, serum, cleanser, essence and toner. I was working that time so I could afford them. However, since I don’t work anymore and I have to be fair to Adam, I settle for the basics: FTE and toner.

sk ii

This is the set that I could afford now. Sobs. Although I still think it’s a good buy. 🙂

I changed my cleanser from SK II to Philosophy Purity All-in-One and this is when the laziness starts to creep in. Philosophy Purity cleanses and tones your skin for you so I decided to skip on the toner.



Until I decided to tone my skin. I saw lots of dirt. Yikes! So that being said, I will have to tone my face at least every 2 days. I love Philosophy Purity, I just think I still need to use my own toner to tone my face instead of depending on it. Hubs loves it too and has just finished his first bottle yay!

Moving on to FTE, I can see the difference on days I don’t tempek my face with the ‘holy water’ and when I did tempek it on my face. On days I don’t have it on my face, I look so dull. I would love to add SKII serum in my facial regime too but I think they are too pricey and I don’t have the heart to spend our money on it. 😦

As for moisturizers, this is when my facial regime becomes complicated. I have 3 different moisturizers sitting on my counter top now and they are Philopsohy Hope in a Jar, Ole Henriksen Face Cream and First Aid Beauty. I tried to change my facial beauty line to Philosophy completely but I don’t like Hope in a Jar texture! I am torn between Ole Henriksen and First Aid Beauty now. I like them both.

Btw, do you know I LOVE face masks? Hehe. I am a smoker so I need extra step in my facial regime. I have been using the ones from LUSH and I love them coz

1- they are fresh.

2- they are natural

3- they are affordable and you can get a free mask when you turn in 5 empty containers back to them. Yay! (which remnds me I have 9 empty containers in my bathroom.)

I tried their 9-5 cleanser but I don’t think I like it so I stopped buying it. Hubs love LUSH’s Dirty shaving cream and Rub Rub Rub. I introduced Lush to him too. Teehee.

I love beauty products!!! (dah setengah page baru mengaku. Cheh!)

I simplify my beauty regime at night though. One coz I am too lazy to slap beauty products on my face after a long day and one coz I have spent so much already so night routine have to cut short lah ye. Haha (nangis)

Since I only use Clarisonic once a day, it made perfect sense to just use it at night. 🙂 and after cleansing, I would slap my face with Tarte Maracuja oil. So far it’s good. I have the eye cream too but I haven’t been using it. See? To put 2 stuff on my face at night also so malas! I need to start using the Estee Lauder that Aza has been talking on her blog. I shall wait til I finish my maracuja oil. 🙂


I still hutang one more stuff. Sunscreen! I am reluctant to talk about this coz again, it’s complicated! I have Mac’s prep BB cream and Stila’s and which one I use will depend on how I feel that day. And as usual, (just to make my own life complicated and create drama within myself) I like them both. I have been pretty good with sunscreen although sometimes it makes me wonder if I am allowed to wear them when I workout and sweat. Any experts here with opinions on this matter please let me know okeh?

Off to shower now and then I shall put on my facial mask and watch Friends! It’s been a wonderful day, Alhamdulillah.

You guys take care and I shall see you soon.


Much love.

P/S: Images are from Google. I still couldn’t figure out my phone. Mungkin mintak tukar. 😉



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