Salt Lake City, Utah!

Salam and happy Monday all!

I am sitting in the living room now- watching France vs Nigeria, typing this & playing with le kitty all at once. No, I’m not an octopus. I’m just a housewife. Housewives rock coz we can multitask like nobody’s business.

I woke up this morning feeling fresh- I have to give credits to Yoga class I went to yesterday and the 15 mins of sauna after that.

I have covered LA and Las Vegas so I shall wrap this up with my adventure in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although it wasn’t much of an adventure coz I was cooped in the room most of the time.

We stayed at Double Tree by Hilton Salt Lake City – terrible choice. We have had few incidents and we will never stay here anymore. We tried to change hotels but there were several conventions going on the same time we were there so we had to bear all the BS. 😦

The incidents:

1- Double Tree by Hilton is a preferred hotel by the company Adam is working for. So before we checked in, we went through the policies. Breakfast should be free- coupons will be given to you. And guess what? They freakin charged us! Adam went to the front desk countless times and they still screw things up. “oh, manager is not here bla bla bla.” Very dishonest ya.

2- They freaking dared to put us in a building that has none of the aircond working. NONE!! Worst thing about it, they knew we were staying there for 2 freaking weeks. Imagine us coming back to the room from the gym and Jacuzzi. Poor Adam had a migraine coz it was so warm in that room. Sheesh.

3- We complained and got our room changed to another room. Nobody helped us. And the distance between the two rooms is about 5 mins walk. So after sweating from the gym, cooped in the warm room, we had to push our trolley all the way across to the other side of the building. SMH. Worst hotel ever. Malaysian hotels are so much better!!! Take note they never said the aircond in that room works at all. They didn’t mention it to us when we were checking in. Another dishonesty.

Ugh typing all these is making me angry. Let’s just see some of the pictures taken in Salt Lake City!


The lake view at the hotel. The view is definitely gorgeous but if you are staying here, there is nothing interesting around here for you to see. Might as well stay downtown!


Mountains. Simply gorgeous. It was still breezy and chilly but not as cold as back home in Indiana. The lake was half ice, half water! So cool!


Me!!! 😀 We went to Park City the next day and I loved it. It was about 45 mins drive from the hotel but the view was magnificent. Lots of mountains and snow on top of the mountains are just spectacular!


The roads get more narrow once you drive more inside and some roads are one -ways. Be careful whilst driving here. There’ll be people crossing the roads etc. I was one of them! Hehehe! We parked in a parking garage and just walk around like everyone else. Also, the roads are mostly steep so I’d recommend a good pair of shoes to walk around here. 🙂  

We didn’t do any skiing or shopping. This place is beautiful and I highly recommend it. Make sure you wear thick clothing if you come here in the winter- even in February! 🙂


My first Pike with the stability ball. 🙂 I have been eating way too much crap here in SLC and despite all the workout I’ve been doing, I still managed to pack on 5lbs on this body. :p Oh, there’s no AC in the gym too. Go figure.


One of the culprits. This was the reason why I packed on pounds. That chocolate cake was so sinfully rich and it was about the size of my face! Hohhh! Or at least half of it. 🙂


This was another dinner that we went to. Food was wonderful here. I couldn’t remember if I ordered desserts or not. I may have. 😀


Oh okay. There it is. This was the bomb too! I think SLC has the best desserts! I may have to eat something sweet now!!!


Oh another picture from Park City. Thank you Ravil for taking this picture of us!


The other thing that have kept me busy was…. laundry!!!


Me love it! Being away for over 2 weeks, having these machines are such blessings. We didn’t have to worry about dirty clothes and dry cleaning bills at the hotel. 😀


Kitty cat was home alone 😦 I’ve had my friend to come over and look after him but he didn’t like them at all. 😦 He’ll go to the door and when he saw it wasn’t me, he’d went off and hid. Poor kitty. Thanks Danielle and hubs for looking after my little fuzzy ass cat while I was gone. 🙂 Le kitty hates strangers and I still haven’t figured out why. Maybe something in the past had traumatized him.


Another selfie, don’t hate me. 🙂 it rhymes. :)))


Adam and his sunshine! Ahaks! 😀


Geese couple! Hahaha!

Thanks for reading and have a blessed week ahead.

And thank you hubs, for taking me to all these places. I’ve had a wonderful time, despite some hiccups along the way. But you made everything okay afterwards. I love you.



One thought on “Salt Lake City, Utah!

  1. I hate it when the hotel staff are not accommodating! Maybe you & Adam should fly down South and we’ll show you what hospitality is about!

    Beautiful pics btw!


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