Just saying hi..

Hello and salam sweets,

Hope everyone is in a good mood now that the weekend is officially here! Yay! I am a housewife but weekends are precious to me coz I get to spend time with my Adam. 🙂

I miss him every time he’s at work. Is this normal? Or just newlyweds problem? 🙂 Anyhows, I am blessed  to have him in my life and don’t even care if I’m madly in love with him.

This week has been rather busy for me. I have been busy cooking, setting up our new Comcast modem & box, went to concert, groceries shopping, training etc. Whoever says housewives sit on their asses watching tv not doing anything is delusional.

It’s my eldest step kid’s birthday soon and I’ll have to go to the post office to ship her present. Not gonna tell what we got for her coz honestly I don’t know if she’s reading my blog or not. I want it to be a surprise! I  promise after she got her birthday present, I’ll post it up here. I just hope she loves it. 🙂

It’s 1742 hours now and I gotta sign off. I have a fitness class at 1830 hours and still gotta wake Adam from his nap and pack our protein powder. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and til we meet again, Insya Allah.




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