Las Vegas Part II

Salam and hello again,

Ha! I’m on the roll here! This would be my third post this week, hopefully I’ll continue to do so coz I have soooooo many things that I need to write! We are coming to an end on Las Vegas post then I’ll write a short one on Salt Lake City coz I basically just sat in the room while Adam worked. It will be short but I promise the pictures are worth it! Nothing funny, just wanted to show you a part of USA that I’ve been to. 😉

Please don’t mind my miss-spelling or broken grammar on here- I am doing a gazillion things at one. But it’s been a good day. I went for a cardio this morning. Nothing hardcore- just walking at 4.0 mph while watching the match between Australia and the Netherlands. I have been eating crap since the World Cup started so I decided to walk instead. 😉 

So okay, here are the pictures from our second day in Las Vegas! Enjoy! 




The Harley Davidson café Las Vegas. There are escalators next to this café and that was where I saw a guy got his nuts kicked for 20 bucks. I wouldn’t recommend it coz medical in the States is way too pricey. I don’t think 20 bucks would cover your visit to the ER. Just sayin’. 😉



Welcome to the Venitian! The building is beautiful, I was in awe. The view is also splendid. I didn’t shop much here altho the hubs was kind enough to offer me a Michael Kors bag. 😉 Thank you sayang. Next time ok? 🙂 There are shops like Zara(we saw the directory but couldn’t find it), Michael Kors, White Basin, Teavana etc but we didn’t even go to one. I still thought I could conquer the Strip.

I was wrong.

So. Wrong.


Then we had early dinner at Hard Rock Café. It was okay. Food was okay but the margaritas were the bomb! Haaaaaahhhhh! I swear the only thing we had was just margaritas. No mineral water and that my friend, was not good at all. Because I was totally dehydrated the next day. 😦 Maybe Las Vegas isn’t for me. I tried tho. 🙂 


Remember New York New York? 😉 We saw people on roller coasters but couldn’t find the entrance to it. Thank God!! I hate roller coasters but the husband loves them. Whatever.


I just had to take a picture of this coz it reminded me of………………… Yes! Double 07! This is one of the oldest casinos on Las Vegas strip. We went inside coz I had to use the restroom. Let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant.

You can smell ‘bad’ air in there mixed with some fast food restaurants cooking. Not my thing. Oh, you can smoke in the casinos and if you are on the slot machine, they’ll give you free drinks. The waitress will come around and get you drinks but you still need to tip them. Yes. Nothing is free in this world!!!


Inside the Venetian! We didn’t go for this ganola ride coz 1st – there were a lot of people queuing for it. 2nd – the ganola man will sing along the ride. Makes me want to sing my heart out too! 3rd- Most of the pax were elderly people. Let’s not make Adam feel bad.

Kidding!!! :))))


Also in the Venetian. So cantik kannnnn!!! Haaahhhh! I felt like a princess for a bit. (DON’T JUDGE ME!)


Le hubs! I didn’t finish my lunch from PF Chang’s so we had to tapao. I’m stingy like that. Kata Asians kan……….

We had Fat Tuesday’s margaritas along the way and they were so good too! They were so good I sipped waaayy too much too quickly and had brain freeze. FML. Orang tamak. 😦

When you are in Vegas you’ll see people sling their jugs in their shoulder and my cup made me feel like I didn’t have a drinking problem. 😉 The bigger the cup, the cheaper it’ll be. Standard lah kan, marketing. But also in my case, the bigger the cup, the more we had to make pit stops to the rest room. 🙂


Before we flew out from Indianapolis for this crazy trip, I already ask the husband to purchase Britney Spears tickets for us but he was stubborn. He said we can just go there and but whatever unsold tickets they have.


We are talking about Britney Spears here! But oh well, I’ll just take a picture.




At Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. This place is huge! Look at that face. No sign of guilt at all! Hmph….


Inside the casino! The casinos are usually dim and I dare say you wouldn’t know if it’s day or night outside. No wonder people can stay too long in here coz you wouldn’t notice the time passing.


Had to take a picture of this too becauseeee………. Yes! The Hang Over!!! Hahaha! We didn’t get to go in there tho. Perhaps next time!


Hello sunshine!!! We were so happy to be here during this time of the year coz Indiana was covered in thick snow and it was so cold there. Las Vegas was perfect last February. Not cold and definitely not too hot too. Perfect time!


Queuing for ticket shows! There are few booths you can go to and queue to get show tickets/dining/clubbing discounts. I think we got 10% off our bill in Hard Rock Café from here too. Just gotta make sure you see all the details/rules & regulations before you purchase. Like ours, we had to be there before 6pm.


Okay, let’s look at this lady. Does she look like a Haitian? A Latina?

I don’t think so. When we were paying for our tickets, the guy at the counter said to me, ”You look so exotic. Are you from Haiti?” And when I said No, he asked if I was from Mexico.

I am a freaking Asian!

And oh, that is my Vapor- which reminds me to start using it again instead of smoking the ciggies. Although you can pretty much smoke anywhere when you are outside (some States have law that u must be over 8 ft from the door), I still carry my Vapor coz 1- the smoke isn’t as thick(well it can be thick u can adjust it on your Vapor) and as smelly as ciggies smoke. 2- I never smoke with kids around. Ever.I don’t even feel comfortable smoking around non-smokers. That’s just the way I am.

So after walking on the strip, bought some shirts and magnets, had lunch & dinner, it was time to head back to the hotel coz we bought tickets for a show that night. I freaking loved it! It was so good. Our tickets was 40% off the original price so it was indeed a good purchase. 🙂

We head back to Salt Lake City the next day in the afternoon after lunch. We had lunch at this Malaysian restaurant and from the reviews, the restaurant sounded awesome. Well, I was a bit disappointed coz I’ve had high expectations and the service & food didn’t met my expectations at all. Hmmm. Too bad.

Hope you’ve had fun reading and I really have to go and continue with chores now. Laundry, change sheets, vacuum, and I think I’ll have to do groceries later on too. Sigh.

Have a good day everyone and wait for the next post. I’ll take you to…….. Salt Lake City, Utah!!


Izza 🙂


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