Las Vegas Part 1


Salam and hello,

Yep, you got it right! We are going to Las Vegas in this entry! I apologize for the long delay. Adam and I left Salt Lake City for Las Vegas on Friday afternoon and made it there 6 hours later. The journey was fine, except there are way too many mountains along the way and I tried not to look outside for most of the journey. Hehe. Mak gayat, nyah!

We were given the new Cadillac, although hubs tried to get a smaller SUV but hey, once in awhile rolling like Diddy, why not! Let’s just make the best of it 😉

We were staying at the Luxor hotel and Alhamdulillah, our accommodation and hubs meals are paid for by the company coz he was still traveling for work when we were in Las Vegas. We had to pack up and check out from our hotel in Salt Lake City, but that’s alright. Anything to save money! 😀

So, in the US it is really hard to look for a hotel that provides smoking room and this Luxor hotel offers them and I couldn’t be happier. The husband was not really happy coz the room was on the ground floor and music was playing out loud with many people walking outside our room. I was worried at first but when we got to the room and closed the door behind us, we couldn’t hear a thing! Fuhh! Selamat gegirl!! 😀

We freshen up, hubs got himself coffee (Starbucks was literally 20 steps away from our room yay!) and we went outside for a walk. It was still breezy and I was so happy I got my coat on. Always wear flats when walking around Las Vegas coz the strip is a long walk. Haha! I’m glad I wore my flats!





The journey. Welcome to the desert! Don’t be fooled by the distance because that’s what desert does! You’d think you are closer to your destination, but tet! Move some more baby!


Hello Arizona! We’re just passing you! 🙂 Arizona is in between Utah and Nevada! Too bad we couldn’t find a gas station in Arizona coz I’d like to buy a fridge magnet! Boohoo!


Some of the buildings we passed by. What I like about Las Vegas is you’ll see a lot of lights and they are all so sparkly and colorful. I loved them! Even their Mc Donalds have lampu lip lap!!




Nope. Just passing through. Take me to the Strip!

Adam’s last trip to Las Vegas was probably 3 years ago. So with all this technology and road constructions, we had a little bit of a struggle to get to the hotel. It was not a good drive when le hubs is pissed. But I survived. Hoho!


New York New York! Came out of our hotel for a walk and we saw this! I haven’t been to New York but my friends have been there and they loved it. Perhaps next year we can go, sayang? Most of the hotels are attached to one another so it’s pretty easy to go everywhere.



And 10 minutes later, we are in Paris! Haaaa! I loved it! Adam said this is the most budget vacation he can take me too. From Las Vegas to New York to Paris in less than 12 hours! That silly man. Hahah!


The Bellagio. This is where they play the musical water fountains and it was so beautiful! I loved when they play Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On here. Somehow it was a bit emotional for me. :,)


Eiffel tower in Las Vegas! Too bad we don’t have a park to sit near it.


Ohai! It’s me! *waves frantically*


Hubs got hungry and starting to get cranky so we stopped by one of the little convenience stall (it’s not a store) along the pathways and got this monkey a banana! I was fascinated by all the lights, the people, the fountains and fireworks I forgot we hadn’t eaten anything yet. Hihi! We went to PF Chang’s for dinner/supper. Gotta feed this little Asian lady wei!

So anyways, I’m gonna split my Las Vegas trip into two (so I’ll have more to post). Few things to note on my first night here:

1- There will be ‘funny’ ways for people to make money in Las Vegas. People in costumes are still alright but one that traumatized me was guys carrying signs that say ‘Kick my nuts for 20 dollars.’ and I happened to see one got his sack got kicked right in front of my eyes! Let me tell you, that scream…. You know he’s in deep pain. Haaahhh….

2- There’ll be A LOT of people giving out cards by the roadsides. If you are curious, you can pick one and see what that is. I got a sex service and immediately threw it away. Haha!!

3- A lot of people come to Las Vegas to party. And they usually do it hard! Let’s just say I’ve seen some embarrassing moments and wondered if these people would remember about it when they woke up the next day. 🙂

That is all from me today. Hope you’ve had fun reading. I’m surprised I didn’t struggle so much to remember things that happened 4 months ago.

Toodles and stay safe!

P/S: Do u like entries with pictures or would you mind if I just type without any pictures to go with my entries? Thanks a bunch!


2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Part 1

  1. I love your travel write-ups! I’m such a lazy blogger when it comes to writing like this because I always get into too much details and I’m afraid that it’ll bore my readers. But you have a great way of documenting it. And yes, the pics are almost necessary! 🙂 I’ve never been LV too. Would love to one of these days. Keep em’ coming Izza!


    • Hi Aza,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I have been slacking way too long and thanks for your words of encouragement, I am back. 🙂

      I hope you get to go to Las Vegas in the future. I forgot to mention in the post that Las Vegas is more fun if you are in a group. Seriously.

      Anyways, have a lovely day and I’ll post more soon. Thanks again beautiful!

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