Drama free , please…

Salam and hello all,

Sorry for the long hiatus. I am still alive. Surpriseeee! Haha! Ok, tak lawak.

So, we have been really busy traveling around- Chicago, St. Louis and Poplar Bluff late April-early May and then Adam and I have been visiting Baltimore, Washington DC and Virginia just two weeks ago. Pictures and stories in the next post ya, Insya Allah. I still owe you guys LA-Vegas-Salt Lake City.

I actually just renamed this entry from Hiatus to Drama Free, please.. .


To those who know me, you’d know I prefer to live my life drama free but reality check, drama exists. I don’t even like watching TV because of the drama. They give me headaches and I’m one kind of person that thinks waaayyy too much.

So okay, let’s replay these dramas. These happened before I got to the US.

Drama 1:

I have a degree in Accountancy and like every universities in Malaysia, women dominate this more than men. So there were several girls I was friend with. For three semesters we hung out together, even during the final week. Forth semester came, I asked them out and they all said No. Well, I totally understand and respect that but one smart ass mouth said to me ‘You didn’t fail any paper last semester. You don’t understand what we are going through.’ Well, well. To cut story short, I went my own way and these girls went their own ways too and we never go out together again.

Drama 2:

I had to be in KL for a couple interview at the US Embassy for my visa and since I had no many relatives and close friends that I can stay with in KL, I went to stay with my most favorite cousin. Read: My most favorite cousin.

All was okay until his housemates grew fond of me(I suspect jealousy happened) . He started treating me like trash. On my last night in KL, he actually threw me out and when I left the next day, he didn’t even say good bye. Take note that during my stay with him, I have given him money to buy me a mattress(and it came out pretty thin and his housemates said with the money I gave him, I should have gotten a thick one!), my electricity/water bill, and also paid for food/car rental/taxi/groceries/taxi for both of us.

What hurts is he spent my money like water. He’d pick the most expensive food/drink from the menu and never ever gave me the gesture to pay. One time he even expected me to pay for his toiletries as well and it was close to RM100! Bitch, I carry my own shampoo, soaps and even rice whenever I travel (Al maklum, I kan kampong)! I was not happy and I actually did ask for my money back. I haven’t spoke to him since I left and decided maybe it’s best we left it that way. I’ll always be nice to people but once I got fucked, I ain’t staying! Hasta la vista baby!

Drama 3:

I used to have a lot of people I called friends back in Miri. We usually got together for happy hour, some clubbing session and just lepak. Until one day I realized I have been spending way too much money and time on those things, gained too much weight and Adam was not really pleased with me coming back home at 4 in the morning. So I cut back and started running. Did I get support from these people? Nope. They mocked me. They deleted me from their Facebook and Instagram. I still don’t understand the hatred. However, this never got to me. I was in a different state of mind and having the best people in my life supporting me really helped a lot. My best friends didn’t buy their BS and stood strong by me. I love you guys. Thank you for always believing in me.

I guess I better leave things here now. I am a little sadden after writing these but like Adam always told me ‘People come and go.’

He’s correct.

I want the awesome people to stay and certainly wouldn’t mind the fake ones to leave. I have learned a lot from all these dramas, despite the heart ache they gave me. And despite being fucked over, I still love people and will always be nice to them.

Stay tuned for more coz I have 2 more dramas to share with you. Until then, be safe and remember to tell the person you love how much they mean to you.

Thanks for reading my rant and sorry for the foul languages. They are, unfortunately, appropriate. 😉



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