Venice Beach, CA!

Hello! Sorry for the long hiatus- I have been overwhelmed with things like kicking my jet lag, driver’s license test and just working out. I have been working out a lot & harder than I’ve ever done. I’m at the gym almost everyday of the week, doing circuit training most of the time! Ahhh! 

We didn’t do so much today except hitting the beaches. We had breakfast down the block at Coffee Bean. It was much cheaper than paying 15 bucks per head just to eat omelette at the hotel we were staying at. Just a lil stroll down the road for a cheaper breakfast! Yay! 

We started with Venice Beach! Oh my God, I am so in love with this place! There are so much things going around here. Surfers, runners, cyclists, people playing basketballs, volleyballs, street performers ahh u name it! I loved it! There are rows and rows of shops you can go into but they are not cheap so we didn’t buy a lot. Just a dress and couple of shirts for me. And that shop was going out of business so yay!! 

There’s also a gym in Venice beach (the Gold’s gym) and it is outdoor! Much love!! (but must be a pain in the ass to work out under the blazing sun in the summer. Bleh!



Welcome to Venice beach! See the surfer behind me? LOL. 




Palm trees FTW! We don’t have these where we live so sakai a bit 😉





This is the dress i bought here! 🙂



Art – it is synonym with Venice beach. 






Another mural 🙂










And love birds!! 😀 


5 thoughts on “Venice Beach, CA!

  1. Hi Izza 🙂 blog hopping and found you. It’s so nice reading your stories. I’m a Malaysian live in Plainfield, about 40 mins away from Chicago. How long have you been staying here? Glad to found another Malaysian 🙂

    • Hello Anna!

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂 July 4th will mark the 1st year of me living in the States. What about yourself? Indeed, really good to found another Malaysian. I was in Baltimore 2 weeks ago and seen many Malaysians and Indonesians. So jealous! Anyways, hope you are enjoying the evening!

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