Getting Adjusted


My first week in Fort Wayne was slow. All I did was taking naps almost every afternoon. 

Yes honey, when you were working your ass off in the office, I’ve been snoring like a pig in our bed. 😀 

But anyways, don’t go ‘ooohhhh…ahhhh…lazy bum’ on me yet! Yes, I did take a nap on almost every afternoon on my first week here BUT I ALSO HAD NIGHTMARES. 


Not nightmares.



I think bad dreams would be the perfect term for that. 

So okay, during my first week here, I was having terrible bad dreams each time I took a nap.

One time, I had your ex-wife trying to kill me! 

Another time, it was a horrible looking woman in white staring at me. She has long, messy hair with bloody shot eyes. 

I even asked you if our bed was cursed. You blamed it on the book that I was currently reading. 

Hello baby, it was not a horror novel. It was a novel about the struggles of a young Thai girl surviving her life. 

Alhamdulillah, the bad dreams went away the next week. Maybe it was just an adjustment period for me. You know how some people have troubles adjusting to a new place, right?

I didn’t have problem at all falling asleep in our bed but I had that problem when I go to other places. Our home is so homey to us and it’s just us baby. 🙂 And oh, your smell plays a big part too. I love your smell on the sheets. 😉

So, you taught me how to use the washing machine and the dryer that first week. And you specifically want me to separate colors & white laundry, clothes that should’t be put in the dryer etc.


No no. Don’t panic now. Nothing happened.

It’s my jeans are super tight now. Nope, I didn’t gain weight. The dryer shrunk my jeans 😉 😉 😉



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